How Temp Agencies Work

Many people wonder how temp agencies work. Temp agencies are also known as temporary employment agencies that help workers to find jobs with indefinite temporary positions as well as short-term contracts.

It works like the human resources department of a company.

Temp agencies have been popular nowadays because lots of workers looking for temporary jobs. Likewise, workers believe that temp agencies will exert effort in placing them for the job they are qualified. Also, the temporary job could be the stepping stone that would lead to permanent job. On the other hand, this kind of agency can also be the best venue for unskilled workers. However, anyone can find temp agencies that specialize in different types of jobs as well as career path. Thus, this kind of agency provides flexibility for the employees and employers. On the contrary, the downside of temp agencies is that critics believed that it opposes the job security because most companies who employ workers through temp agencies do not provide the benefits.

Function of Temp Agencies

Temp agencies play different roles specifically in looking and placing workers to various jobs. However, the temp agency ensures that the workers are screened properly in order to choose the qualified applicants who are skilled. Employers sign a contract with the temp agency. The type of workers, wages and other details are defined in the contract. Once the temp agency selected the qualified workers they send them to the temporary employer looking for such workers. However, workers should understand that the employer will not be the one to pay their wages rather the agency.

Moreover, temp agencies provide advantages for both the workers and employers. Undeniably, employers save money in hiring temp workers as they work full-time without the necessary benefits. In like manner, the workers who find job through the temp agency save time and money looking for job. This is because they just need to submit their resumes to the agency and wait when the agency calls them for a new found job. Sometimes companies hire temporary workers to test them before offering full-time and permanent position. This means that temporary agencies can be the key to access permanent jobs.

On the other hand, if your company is planning to hire the services of temp agency you should consider several factors. Obviously, you should use temp agency when you need volume of workers. This is the easiest way to find skilled workers who can do specialized jobs. However, you should work with a single agency so that you can earn discount for the agency’s fee. You should also think about the cost of using temp agency. Usually, the cost depends on the jobs, the fee structure and standards of the agency, cost of living in the area and many other factors. Thus, it is necessary to know how temp agencies work.


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