How Recruitment Agencies Work

Are you a job seeker and you’re wondering how recruitment agencies work? The burden of finding a job can be relieved by recruitment agencies, however, you might think about the functions of recruitment agencies on the success of job seekers to fill up such positions in a certain company, we will explain to you how it works.

Does looking for a job make it harder for you?

If you want your job hunting to be easier than it should be then you can go with a recruitment agency and for sure they can find a job for you in the soonest time. Let us explain to you how it really works.

Recruitment agencies serve as a bridge between a hiring company and the job seeker (or also called as the candidate). When the hiring company needs to fill up a vacant position and they having hard time to look one capable for it, this is the time they seek the assistance of the recruitment agencies. The recruitment agency will now search for the candidate that they think is worthy for the position, for the reason that they are establishing a good relationship with their client (hiring company) for further business in the future.

How Recruitment Agencies Earn a Profit

Maybe you are wondering how the recruitment agencies earn a profit. First, the agency needs the candidate and they can get it through advertisement like posting in newspapers, walk-in interviews, TV or radio advertisements, on their own website, other online job sites, and other ways. Once they have obtained the right candidates they will present it to the client or hiring company for interview and evaluation. If the candidate passed the requirements of the client, it is now the start of an agreement between the agency and the employer regarding how much they will charge a fee in relation to the salary of the candidate and other considerations.

However, don’t be confused if you will notice that the agency is also your employer. If this happens to you, it only means that there’s an outsourcing agreement between the hiring company and the agency where the hiring company agreed to bind in a contract. Within the whole period of the contract, for example 2 years, your salary plus the other benefits will be supplied by your agency. What is not good on this situation is that your compensation is relatively different from the regular employees of your hiring company. This is one of the reasons why some job seekers are keeping a distance with some recruitment agencies. Another reason is that some agencies are charging their candidate which is supposed to be not to happen in the first place. It might be that the recruitment agency is just new in the business or they were unable to charge the clients due to poor performance. If this is the case, you should keep away from these agencies and look for a reputable one. A reputable recruitment agency is definitely not charging their candidates, just only the hiring company.


  • surinder said on October 19, 2011
    i wants to start the business of job placement. we can take registration fees from candidate as legally or not. and what procedure we can handle the recruitment agencies
  • fernando said on June 27, 2012
    i want to start a business of job placement we can take registration fees from candidate as legally or not.thanks


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