Gmelina Tree Farming

One of the profitable investments that you shouldn’t have to miss is Gmelina tree farming. With a tree’s great value, you will never find it hard to sell its finish products. Thus, the said farming can be a good start for everyone to be in a lucrative business field.

Dealing with Gmelina tree farming is not a daunting task. As observed, you will find this job more fun and easy if you know to handle your farm, equipment and workers.

Before engaging into this business field, it is best to research. You can also ask some experts for better actions and strategies. For added information, you can use the succeeding paragraphs as your guide.

What is a Gmelina Tree?

Gmelina tree, also known as Goomar teak, Malay beechwood and white teak, is a fast growing tree. It often grows in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China and other countries. Unlike other trees, Gmelina grows in distinct localities and moist fertile valleys with 750-4500 millimeter rainfall. This tree can grow up to 30 meters in height with 1.2-4 grith. It can also be planted in the garden, growing villages and wastelands. It is tolerant of excessive drought, light demander and can recover from frost injury.

Getting More Income with Farming

As compared to other trees, Gmelina can be used in many ways. This tree is perfect for constructions, carriages, sports, artificial limbs and musical instruments. It can also be used in making different types of furniture. With its great usage, you can easy sell this tree to anyone without spending too much time and effort. Depending on your preferences, you can also put up your own shop and be a prime distributor of Gmelina tree.

Tips in Taking Care of Gmelina Trees

If you own a huge farm with Gmelina trees, you don’t need to monitor your trees every hour. This tree is not too hard to handle. The only key to have a successful Gmelina tree farming is patience. This type of tree can be harvested in eight to ten years. Though it is quite long, it can be very lucrative. The more trees you plant, the more money you will generate. Just make sure that when you have these trees, you know how to sell them.

Gmelina Tree Farming for Your Profitable Investment

Searching for the best investment opportunities requires various considerations. If you picked an ineffective one, you might end up losing your money. With Gmelina tree farming, your money is in good hands. Here, you don’t need to worry about the future. Once you harvest these trees, expect that you can get a large number of money that you don’t expect to have. It is the reason why most people keep on dealing with this investment as compared to other business schemes.


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    hi send me more on profitability and also requirement to farm in India. Requirement of farming also. thanks
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    I have connection to these trees and I need the perfect buyer, I am ready to sell. Please send me information as to whom I could sell it.
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    I'm very interested to do the Gmelina farm business as I have a big farm in the Philippines, please send me more information.
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    I am interested in Gmelina farming vould you please give me an info about planting and growing Gmelina trees.I have a farm in the Philippines,Please send me email thanks @
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    I am into the business already. please I only want to know more about its sales. Nigeria
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    I am interested in going into Gmelina Tree Farming business so could you please give me the guide as to how to start this business.
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    I am interested in Gmelina tree planting please help me with guides on how to cultivate it. I'm from Nigeria
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    where can i get gmelina somewhere in the philippines? i'm from philippines, thanks for your response.
  • BUKKY TELLA said on December 22, 2016
    @Titilayo, I am glad to hear you are into the biz already. Please kindly send in information on where best to get the seedlings and what are the best preparations to put in place before planting, such as soil test and which part of Oyo sate, Nigeria can support Gmelina cultivation that will yield maximum out put. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PROMPT RESPONSE.
  • david said on February 20, 2017
    I am interested in Gmelina tree planting please help me with guides on how to cultivate ,where buy seeds ,tape ph .
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  • Olorunshola said on June 1, 2017
    Thanks for this information. Pls how do I grow the seeds to produce the seedlings?
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    My company has large collection of Gmelina Arborea Trees for sales. Interested buyer should contact me:
  • OJO PETER OKE said on August 18, 2017
    I have been planting Gmelina, I need more information on its local uses and marketability in Nigeria.
  • Cyril said on March 9, 2018
    Yeah its easy to plant gemilina..just harvest its fruits and extract its seeds, then make sure to dry the seeds before planting. i'm from zamboanga area and if anybody interested here..i am selling gmlina seedlings for 10php 1 and half month 5-10 inches in length.. contact 091694944456/
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