Starting a Pediatric Home Health Agency

Do you have the heart to serve and care sick children? Then the best business that will give you a sense of fulfillment is a pediatric home health agency.

It takes a big heart and patience in caring for sick children.

If you think that you can handle this job well, then you can start a pediatric home health agency. To get started, you should know the step-by-step procedures that must be followed.

Secure Your Credentials as a Professional Health Caregiver

The first thing you need to do is to secure your credentials as a professional health caregiver. In doing so, you will be in a position to meet the criteria for your home health agency license. If you think you have been out of the field for some time or if you have been caring for adults, you can take pediatric classes. This is because you must be very proficient in the practice. If you think you are already equipped with knowledge in pediatric care, the next step is to get pediatric home health care permits and licenses from county, state and country agencies.

Draft a Business Plan

A business will not succeed if it is not guided with a plan. So, you have to draft an excellent and comprehensive business plan for the pediatric home health agency that you are planning to open. You can tap licensing agencies in your state guidelines for assistance. You can also contact agencies such as Pediatric Services of America if you have queries on what must be included in the business plan.

Get Price Lists and Catalogs

You also need to get price lists and catalogs that are published by rental and medical supply businesses in your location so that you have a medium for assisting parents on how to purchase or rent supplies and equipment for your patients. Also, gather a resource list so that you can recommend remodeling and construction professionals that can expand the frames of the door to accommodate pediatric equipment such as wheel chairs.

Master the Medicaid System

It is also important to know the pros and cons of the Medicaid system if you foresee that some of your patients will come from less fortunate families.

Secure Malpractice Insurance

Your pediatric home health agency must also be protected at all times, so you have to get a malpractice insurance. In order to know the legal expenses you will acquire while your business operation, you have to list an accounting professional’s services.

Market Your Business

Just like other kinds of businesses, you also have to market your pediatric home health agency. Contact social service agencies, clinics, hospitals and physicians to recommend your service. In order for you to create more channels to people looking for a home health agency, you must also partner with the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce.

Hire Professional and Reliable Staff

When everything has already been secured, you have to begin hiring staff. Bear in mind that no matter how excellent you are, you can’t do all the tasks in your home health agency alone.


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