Freelance Bartending

Whether you presently bartending on a certain bar or restaurant or you wanted to become an expert bartender, starting as freelance bartender is an ideal way to earn a profit. Being a bartender in private parties or wedding is the best way to start this lucrative career.

However, just like any business there are several factors you need to consider before starting running a bartending business.

Why Bartending?

Do you have skills on bartending or you just simply use it as your pastime, well why not start to become a freelance bartender? Starting on this venture is an easy means to earn cash at night or weekends. The initial cost for starting is somewhat small. You just need to develop your marketing plan, tools, skills and determination then you are good to go.

Bartending Techniques

Prior to starting as freelance bartender, it is very important to learn techniques and recipes. As you know an excellent bartender can suggest interesting cocktails. It would also nice to flair your bartending skills by knowing some tricks such as pour techniques and bottles.

Tools and Supplies

There are also some basic supplies for your business such as muddler to mash fruit, strainers, martini shakers and wine opener. You may need to invest in a good bar on wheels which can bring you with venue. In fact, you can even get contact bartending supplies distributor to provide you with the tools that you need.

Uniform for Bartending

When you want your bartending business to be successful, it would be ideal if you have a uniform. Having a uniform means you are professional on your business, do not just wear a plan t-shirt and pants. A uniform for bartending is a nice means for you to look presentable while doing your thing. Usually, all black or white with tie is the best uniform for bartending.

Marketing Plan

In every business an effective marketing plan is very significant. It is best to develop or make services. You can determine the prices which you will create or charge, so be sure to make a pricing sheet. It may include your traveling expenses, set-up costs and hourly rate.

List of Services

When you are in a bartending business, it is nice to present a list of services as well as the pricing sheet to banquet halls, wedding venues, hotels and event planner. Print some business cards or visit an event planning as well as to distribute business cards and flyers.

Another effective marketing strategy is to make a website. You may include your website in an event planning directories in your locale. You can also place an online advertisement or in local papers too. You may need to keep contracts and records. When you have agreed on a certain event, be sure to write the details on the contract.


  • dawn rowe said on July 18, 2015
    I live in Flint MI. I would Love to start freelancing my bartending skills out for parties & events but am not sure if I need to have a certain license or be insured for the state of MI.
  • Omkar kaphale said on May 10, 2016
    I live in mumbai.I would love to start freelancing my bartending skills out for party and events.


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