Dressing Professionally for Work

As the famous saying says “first impression last”, it is definitely true especially if you are in a workplace. This is very important especially if you work in an office-setting. Keep in mind that you need to look professional. However, some people don’t really know how to dress appropriately.

In this article you will know some of the tips on how to dress appropriately at work.

Dress According to Position

In event that your position includes interacting with clients and customers in a professionally way, it is very important to know that you must dress appropriately because you need to leave an impressive impression. But if your job entails doing dirty or sweaty jobs at the back door then you have to dress according to your preference.

It is also very important to notice how your co-worker dress and apply that to yourself. Be sure to dress up as the same level of them.

If your position entails of interaction with the customers, it is best to dress a casual suits like sport coat or blazer for men and casual dresses for women.

Fit Clothes

Remember to wear clothes that fit you. Meaning you don’t need to use size 4 to look nice. You would not be comfortable at work if you are not wearing clothes that suit you best.

Avoid wearing too small clothes. Clothes that are too small can make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy to move around at your job. Even if you think that it can make you look nice, it is still very important to be comfortable all the time.

Too large clothes are also a big NO for a professional like you. It is best to select clothing that fits you without looking floppy and baggy. Shorten the hems on sleeves or trousers as possible.

Keep it Simple

This is very important for women, wearing make up and doing their hair is a must every time they will go to work especially if their position entails coordinating and meeting clients. So try to make it simple, instead of doing these for an hour just set 30 minutes for beautification.

Do not overdo your hair and make up because it will make you look cheap and tacky. Just keep it simple because simplicity is very nice to look at.


Many women love to wear accessories such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. In this case try to accentuate your dress according to color and design. Try to pair them accordingly. Do not over-accessorize because this will not make you look good. Be sure to keep it simple and avoid wearing flashy accessories too.

According to enotes.com, it is also very significant to choose the footwear that you are going to use or mix with your dress.


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