How to Write Business Christmas Cards

Holiday season is just around the corner now. It only means one thing, holiday season is almost there. Every year it is part of tradition of Yuletide season on sending Christmas cards to people we love such as parents, partner, children and colleagues. However, this is not just the best time to celebrate Christmas; it is also a time to send Christmas business cards to your clients and customers. It is the best means for you to show them you care and greet them during this joyous season.

It is also friendly reminder to them that your service is still available as the New Year enters. On the other hand, sending cards with incorrect professional etiquette may affect your business.

Choosing Cards

Select a card with just a simple image of winter holiday on front. Do not choose cards with a very particular image of Christmas like child Jesus Christ in the manger or other related images because some people you may sending cards are not Christians, so this may offend them.

Keep in Simple and Concise

Inside the card, it would be nice if you make a simple and friendly holiday message. For example you can write wishing them warm message during the entire winter holidays. Avoid writing “Merry Christmas” because you might send that to some people who do not celebrate Christmas but if you know the person well it is just okay to write Christmas message.

Personalize the Message

It is a fact that many people will love and appreciate more of your card especially if it is signed by your hands not printed because it gives a unique feeling of being wished during winter holiday. Be sure to use their name when you are writing a message. If the recipient of the card is Christian, it is ideal to write them a message like “Jon, have a blessed and wonderful Christmas”. Your customer will surely feel important. On the bottom portion of the card, you might include your first as well as your last name. Be sure that the pen you will use writes efficiently.

Start Before December

In case you are ordering preprinted business cards for Christmas, it would be nice to order them a month or two before winter holiday. This helps you to have enough time to decide the number of recipient’s cards as well as the message you will write. This also helps you to save on the expenses because of the discounts for cards because you got it early.

List of Recipients

Before Christmas season arrives, it is nice if you already have the complete names for the recipient of the cards. This offers you the time to check your list because when it is already Christmas season, you will find it difficult to remember the names of your clients or customers. Start to send card early because the earlier the better. Some of these cards may just get stuck in mailbox, so make it earlier.


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