Drafting Clothing Return Policy

If you want to open a clothing store, you have to draft the clothing return policy prior to opening. It would be best shorten the time frame, like ten days after purchase.

If the customer wants to return the items after ten days, don’t accept it. Post the return policy on a visible place in your store or website.

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Drafting Clothing Return Policy of the Store

When you are in the clothing business, you have to devise your return policy. Remember that clothing is different from other products and it is usually attached to hygiene issues. The return policy should be drafted prior to the opening of the business. If you are running a local business, you can post the return policy on any visible area or you can also post it on your website (if you have one). There are certain things that you have to consider when making the policy.

When a person purchases clothing items, it can already be used at once. Some customers can also mishandle or misuse the items upon receipt. With a carefully planned policy, you can avoid all the hassles of exchanging or returning items that will only make you lose a lot of money. You have to make it clear that customers are aware that your business will not replace any products that have been mishandled or misused. The clothes should still contain the tags, unused, and unworn. You have to be strict when it comes to clothing items because it can be hard to re-sell the items if the tags are removed or when the clothes already have a different odor.

The Contents of the Policy

The return policy should clearly state the procedure on how to return the purchased clothing. Some business owners request for the official receipt as proof of purchase. Establish the time frame when the items should be returned. For instance, you can state in your policy that the clothes should be returned within ten days after purchase. This is to ensure that the clothes have not been worn or used. The packaging should still be intact as well as the tags. You have to check it. Also, inform the customer that he/she should call first before going to your store to return the item.

Calling your store will save the hassle of returning the items especially if the policy has already been violated. When a customer asks you about the return policy, you can re-iterate. Stick to the policy at all times and there should never be exemptions. All issues regarding the return of clothing items should be addressed immediately. This is to ensure that your customer relationship is not affected. Always keep in mind that the customer is always right but when it comes to returning clothing items, there are rules to be followed. Study the problem and refer to your return policy when in doubt. Start drafting the policy today.


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