Do You Copyright or Trademark a Name

If you have a business that you want to grow and build, it is very significant if you can able to protect it by getting a private intellectual property protection through copyright or trademark.

This will allow you to protect the logo, name and slogan as well as the product or services of the business.

Why Copyright and Trademark is Important?

Copyrights are usually associated to original work such as music, lyrics, films, photographs, screenplay, poem or book as well as other forms of expression. The trademark is used to protect the logos, slogans and name of a certain business. The users of trademark do have the right to register it or not. The registration for a trademark will protect the owner as the sole holder of the name or logo. It will surely be the best key for your business to be protected from infringers, meaning, no one can use that logo or name. Moreover, even if you are the original creator but you have not registered it, it gives an edge to someone who steals or used it because they will not be sued once you prosecute him or them because for the first place you don’t have the proof of being the original creator of such name, logo or creation.

Copyright will protect the following:

  • Paintings
  • Pictures
  • Songs
  • Lyrics
  • Books
  • Article
  • Books
  • Plays
  • Shows
  • Films
  • Business slogan
  • Other forms of expression

Trademarks will protect the following

  • Company name
  • Service offered
  • Logo
  • Sign
  • Emblem
  • Insignia

Getting a copyright or trademark is very important for the integrity of the business to be protected. This is the best thing to do if you want to protect your invention, creation, design or own work from others. Copyright and trademark are both important form of intellectual private property. Many successful companies and businesses have used this method for their protection and individuality.

When you apply for copyright or trademark, it will also help you determine if the name, logo or slogan you have chosen is unique one. This is important to avoid confusion especially if you have the same name with other company that provides the same or related services as yours. Before you apply for any of the forms of intellectual property protection, make sure to make a distinctive name or logo.
Having an exclusive name and logo can surely help you focus on your business. This gives you the chance to concentrate with the main goal of the company. Piracy and copyright infringement are some of the common problems in the entertainment and music industry, so for your work or product to be protected getting a copyright or trademark is the best option.


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