Sales Forecasting for a New Business

Sales forecasting is the method of analyzing and organizing information in a way that it helps you estimate the sales that you can make. This process summarizes some of the significant methods that can forecast the sales or profit of the business or company.

New business owners should need to understand this process, so that he or she can be able to determine the things need to be done in order to provide the best products or services to acquire the estimated profit.

In case you are selling more than one kind of product or a service, be sure to make an individual sales forecasting for each one of it. There are lot of information that you can use to help you determine the sales of you new business, these are trade directories, trade publications, trade associations, downtown business associations, trade suppliers, neighboring businesses and competitors.

Factors the affect Sales (External)

  • Weather
  • Political Events
  • Consumer Earnings
  • Population
  • Style
  • Fashion
  • Births
  • Deaths
  • Family Formations
  • Productivity
  • Direct and Indirect Competition
  • Special Events
  • Holidays

Factors the affect Sales (External)

  • Labor Issues
  • Credit Policy
  • Distribution Methods
  • Shortage on working capital
  • Shortage on Inventory
  • Price change
  • Motivation plans
  • Promotional effort

Do Your Research

Just like all kinds of financial estimates, this forecasting must be based on the data as well as research done instead of just purely guessing. Since your business is just new, perhaps you don’t have yet a sales history yet to determine it, so you can do this by comparing the figures on industry like doing an inquiries or evaluating same business as yours. It will give you solid answers on how you can get the sales you want. This will help the company make a clear estimation on how they can do well in the market.

Since it is a tough research job, it is very significant that you have to spend your time and effort on doing your homework. Again you need to familiarize everything that involve in the sales forecasting to help you get the figures and facts that you can use to compare data and have a result that is practical or convenient.

Sales predicting is very significant because it allows you to know everything that is needed in terms of improving your product or services. Many business owners must do this sales estimation to provide them a pointer on how their business will run in the future. On the other hand, there are some factors or events that are inevitable, so be sure to be ready, so be sure to continue your aim, which is to make or generate high sales and profit.


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