Developing a Business Strategy

Developing a business strategy is needed in order to put direction to the firm that you have.

A business strategy must be strong enough to surpass the dynamic features of the market as a whole.

In developing business strategy, you must put in your mind that you adapt all the necessary tactics that will combat diversity of the entrepreneurship field. In formulating them, you have to follow several steps in order for it to be effective.

Five Forces Model

There are several ways on how to assess the external environment of the industry. One of which is by using the five forces model of Michael E. Porter. He is a professor of the business school in the Harvard and at the same time the creator of popular business strategic tools.

The main topic of the books of this adored author basically focuses in the analysis of rivalry in the industry. In addition to that, these books also tackle buyer power, substitute threat and bargaining powers. This is important in developing business strategy because it will allow you to put the elements of success to your firm.

Value Chain

Another idea from Porter is the use of value chain. This is a means that is very much necessary in order for you to know the internal activities of the business. Here, the primary as well as secondary activities are being assessed that will lead to the detection of the competency of the venture. When you know the strengths of your business, you are likely to improve it and maintain its state as being an asset. On the contrary, once you know the weakness of your business, you may modify it in order to turn it out as positive.

Conduct Study

When developing a business strategy, you must study not only your business but also your market, competitors and other pertinent aspects. For example if you are aware of the latest trends in the market, you can basically create some tactics to make sure that your business will stand the test of the enterprise arena.

As a result, you will have a sustainable and competent strategy. On the other hand once you know your competitors, you will likely create some techniques against them. Thus, your business will have a more powerful marketing plan than what they have.

Product Differentiation

Differentiation in the products is one of the best means on how you can make your services and products special as compared to those produced by your competitors. The tendency is that if a certain business owner can create products that are more special than the others, the more the customers will be curious about it.

Therefore, they will test the products that you produce. In order to provide them satisfaction, you must focus in the quality of the products. Being special of the products will be obsolete once they have rotten internal qualities.


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