Cultural Issues in International Business

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of companies getting into the international business. However, because of the increasing growth of business in the international market the competition is getting tougher.

That is why engaging in the international market is indeed challenging.

Cultural differences are one of the aspects that affect the operation of the international business. That is why before deciding to get into the international market you should keep in mind if you can survive with the cultural differences. Thus, it is necessary to understand it in order to come up with the right business etiquette that would promote business ties. When planning to start a business outside your country it is important to consider and assess several factors. The first thing to consider is to develop business plan, assess the supply and demand, apply for loans, obtain permits and licenses as well as look for strategic location. However, all of the preparations make no sense when cultural differences prevail. That is why to overcome the issue it is necessary to develop good relationship between potential buyers and suppliers.

Different Cultural Differences

The role of the government is an important factor to pay attention when engaging in the international business. This is affected by the development of the country in such a way that private enterprises have to deal with the bureaucracy. Most likely, entrepreneur can experience the common problem such as bureaucracy and administrative complexity. Another cultural difference is the duration of business meeting. This gives emphasis not only in the duration of meeting but also in some business ethics such as punctuality and observing strict schedules. In this sense, before you decide to engage in the international market you should do research about the different business ethics in different countries.

On the other hand, communication is the major cultural difference in the international business. This is because there are countries that give more importance in written communication over verbal communication. In some countries like France they want business communication to be grammatically correct. While in other countries like in the United States they appreciated business communication that implies modesty. If you are planning to expand your business in Britain you should keep in mind that diplomacy plays a great role in business communication.

To become successful in the international market the best thing to do is to appreciate the cultural differences. As much as possible you should exert effort to adapt the ways of a certain country in improving the business. Keep in mind that what is insignificant in one country is a great deal to other country. That is why you should not be rude about the culture of other countries otherwise you might not develop good relationship in the international market. Finally, you should learn to ask apology as it will lead to smoothing of the cultural orientation path.


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