Creating a Company Letterhead

If you want to create a company letterhead, you will need a computer and the Microsoft Word. The procedure is really easy and you must follow it carefully. Decide on the font style, size, and color.

The step by step instructions are found below. Open a blank document and start working on your letterhead.

If you are in charge, you have to make sure that all operations of the business are running smoothly. A very common mistake that is overlooked by many business owners is not having a company letterhead in their communications. When it comes to establishing credibility, this is very important. You don’t have to hire a graphic designer to do this. In fact, as long as you have a computer, you can already work on your company letterhead using Microsoft Word. It is really easy and you can finish it with ease.

How to Create a Company Letterhead?

You have to work on a blank document. Click the tab ‘view’ and choose the ‘header and footer’. Put the cursor at the section of the header and go to the tab marked ‘insert’ and click on ‘picture’. Now, you can already insert the company letterhead to the header. What if you don’t have any logo or letterhead yet? You have to write the company name and choose the right color, size, and font. You can even adjust the alignment of the text. Find the ‘switch between header and footer’ and click it. This can be found on the toolbar marked as header formatting.

The address, phone number, website, and the email can be placed at the footer. You can also customize the alignment, the font style, color, and size. After you’ve finished, click ‘close’. When you have finished the company letterhead and the footer section, check the document once more. This is to ensure that you’ve created a design that you like. Go to ‘file’ once more and click on ‘save as’. Check the drop down menu and look for ‘document templates’. You should save the letterhead with this filename –

The right font, size, and color will have a direct impact on your business. You should try to experiment and use your creativity. So you see, the company letterhead is not that hard to create. Even if you have limited knowledge, you can create a suitable document that can meet your needs. This is important when you are making communication letters to suppliers, clients, and other organization. Your business will look more reputable and credible if you have one. Make it a point to supply your office with the needed letterheads. That way, you don’t have to create one every time you want to write a letter or prepare any document needed by the business. Take your time in designing it and you will surely come up with the best letterhead for the company.


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