Cowpea Farming Tips

Cowpeas are staple foods of the African native where the plants thrive in humid climates.

They are vining and non-vining varieties, which grow in slender pod and looks like green beans. They relatively contain a tan color with a black circle in the middle.

Since cowpeas are traditional foods not only in Africa, but in the United States where growing them is a lot easier. They particularly grow under the shade of sun, as they prefer a much richer and well-drained soil. Add compost and fertilizer only while planting so that the plants will grow fast. In this article, you can learn more about cowpea farming tips.

Choosing a Perfect Garden Area

First, choosing a perfect garden area is necessary. A certain section in the garden which receives full sun must be chosen in order for a cowpea to grow abundantly. The soil that has too much moisture is more ideal to be planted with yellow leaves. They are never expected to rot since they occupy a nutritious soil. Thus, it is significant to consider the soil when it comes on cowpea farming.

Adding Organic Material on the Soil

Apart from choosing a perfect garden area, adding organic material on the soil is a must. A much fairer amount of organic material or compost should be added on the soil. Doing so will make a high quality compost which could lead to a much larger harvest. Therefore, you can be so sure of a better yield in the end. Apart from it, organic material is a lot better as compared to others as it is naturally made from the environment.

Proper Spacing for the Cowpeas and Applying Fertilizer

To add with the farming tips, proper spacing for the cowpeas is also needed. Each of the cowpeas must be sown about three inches in between each other, making it more ideal for them to grow in the future. Also, proper spacing has to offer a lot for them since they can consume enough nutrients from the soil. They have a much lower tendency to grow weak as they are fairly given a chance to grow healthy. With proper spacing, you would expect to have a better yield to add with the family’s consumption.

Apart from proper spacing, applying the right kind of fertilizer is a must. Sort out the fertilizer which has a high quality, thus you should choose for the 10-20-10. It gives the cowpeas a better start, since they have acquired the maximum amount of fertilizer for the optimal growth.

Learning the Time for Harvesting

After you have grown the cowpeas so well, learn more about the time for harvesting. This is however, important as they should be harvested at the right time. They should also be harvested for three consecutive times, mature beans, dried beans and small green beans.


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