Cherimoya Cultivation Tips

If you are into cherimoya farming, it is important that you are aware of some cherimoya cultivation tips. This is to ensure that you can grow this shrub/tree optimally and to harvest high quality fruits in the future.

If these tips will be followed, rest assured that your cherimoya trees will provide you continuous fruits.

Before planning to plant your cherimoya trees, make sure that you know some cherimoya cultivation tips first. This article will provide you the information that you are looking for to make sure that you can grow your plants properly in the future.

Proper Tree Selection

One of the tips that you need to know is the right selection of the trees that you are going to plant. See to it that it is young enough to ensure that it will provide you unlimited fruits. It is also a plus factor to choose a cherimoya with strong root stock. There are some trees offered out there that lack this thing. So make sure that you do your best in selecting the right trees that you will plant.

Proper Climate

Keep in mind that cherimoya is a kind of subtropical tree. This means that the trees can tolerate even light frosts. This means that those people who are living in a place with highly cold temperature is not recommended to plant such trees. Your cherimoya trees might be killed if the temperature is as low as 4 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, these trees are perfect for sunny seasons. So when cultivating trees, you have to choose a place that is directly exposed to sunlight. If there are some tall trees that might hinder direct sunlight, you can consider cutting these trees to give way to your cherimoya trees.

Proper Width and Depth of Planting Site

Aside from the things mentioned, it is also important that you know the right way to plant your trees. Experts recommend that you should dig a hole with at least 20-24 inches in width and as deep as the size of the root of your cherimoya tree. This is to ensure that the tree can go deep the ground and absorb the nutrients present. In addition to that, the deeper the hole where your cherimoya tree will be planted, the stronger and stable the tree will become when it grows.

Proper Pruning

Once your cherimoya trees have already grown taller, make sure that you prune them accordingly. See to it that you also maintain the small size of the tree that will facilitate fast pollination in the future. You can also remove those weak branches and suckers in order to clear out the trunk. It is also recommended that you establish an open canopy in order to facilitate proper circulation of the air and light. However, be careful in cutting some parts of the tree. See to it that its healthy parts won’t get damaged, it might affect the growth and the productivity of cherimoya trees in the future.

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    Just purchased a winter home in Palatka, Fl and want to know if Cherimoyah, Bannanas, Mangoes and Coconut can be grown there.


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