Ceiling Cleaning Business

House cleaning service like ceiling cleaning business is an excellent option for new businesspersons and part-time workers who are considering of changing career. Running house cleaning service, it is fairly easy and less expensive operational cost as well as adaptable working hours.

On the other hand, some people are unsure whether they start this business or not. In this article you will know some of the means and ways on how to start running ceiling cleaning business.

Effective Business Plan and Policy

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to make an effective business plan as well as policy. It is best to find an appealing and nice name for your ceiling cleaning business. The name that you must choose should be prominent from other business like yours. Most people believed that it is not important but assuring your business eases the probable customer’s mind.

Background Check or Police Record

Since you will have to enter somebody’s house, it is very significant to apply for police record as well as background. Be sure that you have no derogatory record. This application can be filled on the City Hall, the local Police Station or State Trooper Barracks, depending on the state you are living. Typically, it may just take for about two weeks before you can get the copy of these important documents. Always take these forms with you and be sure to attach it to your information packet that you need to illustrate into your clients.

Information packet

Information packet is important because it can be the basis of the client on whether they can trust you or not. The information pocket that you will present should include a print out or photocopy of your procedures, policy as well as references, insurance details and work order. Keep in mind that you need to obviously mention your working policy. Like how you conduct the ceiling cleaning, the working hours, working days as well as the payment or the mode of payment, whether it is cash or check. Before you start, it is also very significant to both of you and the client agreed on the agreement.

Work Order Sample

Your work order sample must explain the particulars of how you do your housecleaning service. For an instance, be sure to provide them the best information regarding how you can clean the ceiling or other areas.

Business cards

Lastly, you should make business cards. This can be you way on how you can attract possible customers. Be sure to include complete name, number as well as the service you offer. It is important to present yourself very well in a professional manner. Do not forget to follow up on your previous customers. Ask them if they have feedback regarding your services.


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