Catchy Handyman Business Names

The stiff competition in businesses today may not come as easy for you as a handyman. There are different categories to which you will have to compete. If you are just about to start your own business, it is important that you or even your business partner must come into a catchy handyman business name.

This should be provided so that people will easily remember it other than businesses.

For your handyman business, choosing a name for it is not a simple task. Of course, you want to come up with a name that will be of help to your customers. It should be a name that can easily give them a glimpse of what your business does. You might not want to have a generic name for your business or something that is only imitated. Better yet, include your name to make it a personalized handyman business. Furthermore, you can get great ideas on how to come up with catchy handyman business names as you continue reading this article.

Consider having a creative name which no one else has so that your business will have its unique appeal. Always take note that the name you created should be easily remembered. Think of a catchy name but still related to your business. The easier for people to recall, the better it will be for your business.

One of the unique names you may arrive is “Rent a Husband”. This is an example of a handyman business which is started by Kaile Warren Jr. He is an unemployed man that time but after he has created a catchy name for his business, he later meets the success of his life. He already had his 26 franchises in the United States and two of which are in the United Kingdom. An estimated revenue of $8 million does he has and employed for almost 400 workers. So you see the name that he used to call for his business remains in the hearts of the valued customers. That is the first step that put him all on getting the success of his business. If you want to know more about catchy names you can choose in naming your business, you can try to check out for Business Library.

The next thing that you must do after you choose the exact name of your business is to conduct a trademark search at the office of U. S Patent and Trademark via online. This should be done for you to make sure that the name is not already taken by someone for his own business as well. If there is already a trademark holder for the name that you already made, you can avoid from being sue into trademark infringement.

You can also search for any registered companies who already have the name that you have. Also contact for local business in your area that might hold the same name. But more importantly, you should choose a unique name so as not to make a complication in the naming process.

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  • ron estes said on February 11, 2014
    We are starting a handyman, do it all business in the st.louis area. We have no clue what we are going to call it or where to start legally.


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