Buying Vintage Mannequin

Mannequins are used as models for many purposes -- the most common is that for displaying clothes. Are you thinking of buying a vintage mannequin? Here are some tips on buying mannequins.

Our guide will talk about budget, purpose of the mannequin, where to find cheaper vintage mannequins, what to look for in authentic vintage mannequins.

Mannequins are needed by dress shops, medical training facilities and cosmetology centres as models for clothes, CPR and makeup. Most often, they are used in boutiques, and department stores to display clothing as they can enhance the appearance of the apparel more than plain hangers can. They are found as busts, heads, dress forms and full body figures. They have been made from various materials like wood and plastic and come in various sizes, ages, and poses. And they have been around for some time such that there are what we call vintage mannequins.

There are two kinds of vintage mannequins: the true vintage mannequins and reproductions of vintage mannequins. When buying vintage mannequin, consider these tips:

  • Consider your budget and purpose. Authentic vintage mannequins are understandably more expensive than reproductions. So consider whether you can afford one and are willing to pay for its cost. This is where purpose comes in. If out of whim you just thought that you like to have a vintage mannequin in your shop, you might like to reconsider if your budget is tight. Either abandon the idea or get a reproduction. But if you want a vintage one to make your vintage clothing look more appealing, then consider a vintage mannequin an investment.
  • If you truly need a vintage mannequin, you can check on eBay. Other cheaper options are thrift shops, garage sales and stores that are liquidating or closing.
  • If you are buying a true vintage mannequin, check the item for its authenticity. Vintage mannequins are usually smaller, the body style different from contemporary ones, made of wood and therefore heavier and more sturdy, may take the look of celebrities, may have chips and scratches, and may have some details handmade (painting or stitching for cloth covered ones).
  • Assess what you need the antique mannequin for. How do you plan to use your mannequin? This is a basic question for all mannequin buyers. The type of clothing you will put on your mannequin should be considered when choosing a mannequin. That is because some clothing will be hard to put on mannequins that are on certain unusual poses. If you plan to display full skirts, for example, then you have a wide bracket of mannequin postures to choose from. But if you will display tight jeans and pencil cut skirts, then choose a mannequin that has a more generic leg pose. By the way, the more unusual the pose is, the harder it is to find one and the pricier it would be.

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