Buying and Selling Horses

With the economy of the world facing an unbeatable crisis, many people would like to find ways of how to earn extra income to suffice their daily needs.

There are already a lot of businesses these days that are being developed and one of these is buying and selling horses. Here is how this business transaction is being done.

The decision of selling a horse can actually be hard on the part of the owner. It is very important that you commit to your horse first that you will look for a new owner who will give him or her good home and will treat her right. But how is buying and selling horses being done?

Prepare for Advertising

In order for you to easily sell your horse, make sure that you have prepared a few decent photos which you will use for advertising. See to it that you will have your horse presented in the best possible way for a photo. You can have the horse stand with its ears pricked and head all alert or you might want to join in, mounted as a good rider on your galloping horse or simply standing. Make sure that the photo will effuse optimism and with focus.

What Buyers Would Like to Know

After you have prepared your horse’s pictures, the next thing that you have to do is to jot down all the attributes and essential information that concerns your horse. Some of the things that buyers would like to know include the age, sex, weight, height, color and breed. Buyers are also interested to learn what the things that the horse can do are. Mention if your horse is an all around one, is meant for dressage with mentioning the highest accomplishment that he or she has, is good in jumping backed up with the highest height accomplished, knows western disciplines, is a safe trail one, good in equitation and the likes. It will also be good if you can specify as to whom your horse is suitable. Will it be for all riders, for the juniors, the young ones, the adult amateurs, the professionals, for kids or for the advanced riders only?

List the Talents

For you to be sure that your house will be easily bought, one thing that you must not fail to do is to list down your horse’s talents and the stable manners it possess. Include if it loads quietly, is safe for the children, can clip easily, is bombproof, has already won in championships, is exceptionally fast, with good scores, and does not have vices and a lot more.

Your Asking Price

It will also be nice if you can put in the advertisement your asking price. Unless that the price of the horse is really very expensive, mentioning the price would be fair enough. In case that your price is flexible and you are a seller who is motivated, you might want to have some best offer. In case of an expensive price, it can be listed privately to be seen by serious inquirers only or with a contact representative to help in the transaction.


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