Arowana Farming

Agriculture related business like arowana farming can be a good source of income for you. This type of fish species is the one that is served in the restaurants in expensive prices.

If you are planning to put up your arowana farm, learn the instructions in arowana farming with the aid of this write up.

Arowana farming entails some prerequisites as well as considerations. In putting up this business, you have to be guided with such considerations for you to gain your target profit out of this.

Selection of Location

Before you start your arowana business, you have to select first the proper location where you will put your baby arowanas. The location plays important role in the growth as well as maturation of the small arowanas. There are several characteristics of the location that you have to consider. These are:

  • The location of arowana farm must have proper supply of water especially during summer season.
  • The location must have easy access to the main road.
  • This must be away from the vegetable farms in order to avoid fish kill.
  • Location must be an easy to modify type.

Create Your Business Plan

Right after you have considered the location of where you will put your arowana farm, the next step that you have to do is to make your business plan. This will include the possible sources of the funds that you will use in establishing the business. Aside from that, you must also include in your business plan your possible employees which will serve as your caretaker if you cannot go to the farm at some point in time. Furthermore, the projection of your business is also included in your business plan.

Modify Your Farm and Search for Source of Baby Arowanas

Since you need to make sure that the place where you will put the little arowanas are suited for the fishes, you must now have the renovation of your farm. See to it that the level of the water is enough to sustain the needs of the fishes. After that, you should find now the possible sources of the small arowanas that you will put into your farm. Make sure that the ones that you will get are healthy and can survive easily in your farm. You may search in the internet or contact the suppliers of baby fish in the arowana farms that you can find in your locality.

Find Wholesalers

After you have brought the small arowanas that you will cultivate, you must also consider connecting to your future wholesalers. As early as this, you have to already find such people in order to avoid experiencing difficulty in disposing your mature and competent arowanas later on. You can find these wholesalers in markets or you may also inquire to restaurants. Aside from that, you may inquire from the fish farms available in near to you. They surely have an access with the fish wholesalers who get their harvested fishes.


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