Announcement Letter for New Business

A business is something that must be properly taken care of for you to be sure that things will be profitable on your part. Whatever your business may be, it is important that you know how to write a business announcement.

Being aware of this will secure a much brighter for you and your business as a whole.

If you want to render the best customer service to your clients, one thing that can surely help you out is by writing business announcements which will serve as something that will keep your clientele updated of the new happenings in your business. These updates will include product reviews and customer feedbacks. Having these things will assure you that your business will have stable flow, thus, increasing the revenues that you will receive. Aside from that, writing announcements will be the best way to attract prospective new customers, clients as well as investors, all of which can boost your business.

Options for Delivery Methods

When it comes to announcement letter for new business, some delivery methods that are being utilized by a lot of business entities are hand flyers, postcards and electronic mails. The business letters as well as emails are being distributed to potential clients and VIPs. Make sure that your format is straightforward and clear. If the business that you have is local, use some flyers which might be distributed to nearby and even surrounding towns and neighborhoods.

Striking Opening Statement

See to it that the opening statement that you have is attractive and will catch the eyes of any readers. This will surely entice prospective clients to read on, getting more interested with the services that you have. If there are special offers or sales for your services and products, you can utilize bullets or fonts that are highlighted so that the essential details will be emphasized. Avoid over explanations about your offered services. Verbosity is not that helpful here. Make sure that the message that you have is limited to what, where, when and the how of the promos that you have. Also, never forget to put the period of your promo as well as the contact details in case that your clients will be interested to raise some queries on the things that you are marketing.

Use of Logo or Letterhead

If you want your business announcement to be maintained as something formal, mail it to those valuable clients using the right logo, letterhead and correct salutation for the person who will be receiving the said announcement.

Other Things to Include

See to it that you will not be forgetting the date and more importantly, your business’ exact address. The electronic address should be provided also, a thing that will be appreciated by clients who would like to contact you or send to you the response that he or she has regarding the service or product.


  • Varghese Abraham said on May 20, 2014
    Sir, I have 50 cents of land with a small house in a village in Ernakulam district. The village is 35 KM away from Cochin City. Cement Bricks (hollow and w/o hollow)manufacturing unit is my plan under PMEGP. The minimum distance from the proposed shed to the nearest house can be adjusted to 10 to 20 meters. The capital I have is only IRs.5 lakhs. The rest are under loan through PMEGP. What will be the cost of a brick, and what will be the margin? Please explain or call me on my mobile on 09747300761. I will call you back if needed after getting your SMS or call. Regards, Varghese Abraham.
  • Varghese Abraham said on May 20, 2014
    Distance to the nearest neighbor is 10 to 20 meters (if adjusted). Regards, Varghese
  • jose k.j said on July 17, 2015
    Sir, I have 1 acre land near bank of Kabini river in Waynad with a house, I would like to start a Cement bricks business in that. Can you give idea about how much amount i need to invest in the initial stage and what are the loan facility available for starting a business and what are main expense heads for starting this business etc. If you give you contact number I will contact you or you give the details in the email-id given above. my phone number is 9495427314. Jose, Wayand.


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