Using Your Name as a Business Name

If you are going to register your name as your business name, then you will have to research for your state laws concerning business registration and know what your state requires you to do and submit in order to complete the registration. Bear in mind that laws which pertains to this area vary from state to state.

To make it easier for you, here are some of the basics of how to register your name as your business name. However, it will still be necessary for you to check your state laws just to be sure.

  • Your Name As Your Business Name
  • Registering your business name with the use of your personal name is not that difficult. You can prefer it to be your full name, your first name, surname, or even nickname. Most people who are also in line with business use their initials when registering their business name. This is whether if the type of your business is a sole proprietorship or a partnership, or any of the other business type. But keep in mind that when you are in a partnership or the other types of business, it is best to consult first your business partners before you register a name for your venture.

  • Steps Of Registering Your Business Name
  • When registering for your business name, as what is earlier mentioned, it is necessary for you to check your state laws. You can go online and search for it. But most of the states have common requirements such as obtaining a business license first or registering a DBA or Doing Business As.

When it comes to licenses and permits, most states require this to every business individual in order for them to legally operate their venture within the state limits. In some states, state or federal, county, as well as local licensing is required before you can operate your business. This will however depend on your business type. There are also fees which come with the licensing process. The good news about this is that the fees are only charged at its minimal, some state does not even charge at all.

On the other hand, registering a DBA is through visiting the office of the county clerk of your locality. At first you can opt to contact them by calling them and inquiring about the requirements of registering DBA. Make sure to ask the specific requirements. Also expect that you will be paying fees again. Once you have completed the needed requirements and you already have submitted it with the clerk’s office, they will then conduct a “complimentary name search”. Once they have made sure that the name that you have chosen for your business name is not yet in use, then you will now be allowed to use it. Aside from the clerk’s office, you can also search for websites which provide the same service as to that of the clerk’s complimentary name search.


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