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Do you dream of starting your own dog grooming services business? They say that knowledge is the key to every successful endeavor. This article offers tips on how to start and operate a dog grooming services business.

Most dog owners recognize the need to groom their beloved pets.

Contrary to what others may think, pet grooming is not mere frivolity or luxury on the owner’s part. Grooming is an essential part of a dog’s health because it prevents problems associated with excessive shedding, skin irritation, fur matting, and bad breath.

To start your own dog grooming service business, you must first equip yourself with knowledge of the various grooming techniques. To do so, try to attend grooming classes and read books and other reading materials on the subject. As soon as you are able to, have yourself certified as a pet groomer by your state.

It would also help if gain hands-on grooming experience. The most practical way to do this is by working as an apprentice for a dog grooming company. Hands on experience will provide you with the ability to understand dogs, how to handle their various quirks, and unique breed traits.

Aside from the valuable grooming skills, you must also know how to manage and market a business.

A surfacing trend in the industry today is the mobile dog grooming service. This trend originates from a dog groomer’s thrust to provide customer service that is above and beyond the norm.

Customers prefer their groomers to come to their door instead of the other way around because they find the arrangement less stressful to both them and their animals. It is a known fact that a dog is much calmer if it is in familiar territory. This works both ways since a calm dog makes the groomer’s job easier.

Another advantage of the mobile pet groomer set-up is you don’t need to worry about leasing commercial space. Without rent payments, the overhead cost for your business will decrease remarkably.

A mobile set-up also enables you to charge more as compared to the rates charged by regular grooming salons. Customers understand that you have the right to raise your fees because of the added personalized service.

This set-up also acts as an inadvertent promotional tool. Place the name and logo of your company, your contact information, and the services you offer on your van and it will serve as a free advertising medium for your business.

When working from your client’s home, you get to avoid interruptions like the phone ringing or other customers coming to and fro. This convenience saves you time. Time that you can use to service other customers thereby allowing you to earn more.

To operate a mobile dog grooming service, you need to identify your target market. There are several towns and suburbs yet to enjoy the benefits of mobile pet groomer. Find an area where that you know is populated with pet-owners.

You will need to procure amply sized van. You must also procure a number of specialized equipment. This will enable you to groom the dog on site and save you a whole lot of time. Again, the time you save can be spent on your next client thereby allowing you to earn more.

However, in the absence of this specialized equipment, you may opt to run a “pick-up and delivery” service instead which is the next best thing to a mobile dog grooming service.

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  • Tracy Breslin said on February 20, 2013
    Just putting together costings for new mobile dog grooming business, northumberland, UK, would like some further info.


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