When to Write a Business Letter

Unlike other simple letters, business letters are basically written in formal way. These letters are written for formal communications between two organizations, clients, customers and other business transactions.

Business letters are used for numerous purposes such as offering an investment deal to other companies, accepting and denying an offer, informing other business organizations about private conference and as well as other private deals among business industries.

They say that communication is the basic channel in which people can express their thoughts, ideas, opinions and feelings. Through this tool, they can interact with each other and can freely interchange with them. Other than that, communication is also the best module of the society that develops deep relationships. There are three main categories of communication.

The first is verbal communication is through the word of mouth. Second is the gesture or the body movements. Then, the third is written communication which usually communicate with the use of papers or anything that is written. But when it comes to business, written communication is very important. Example of these is the business letter.

There are numerous reasons why business letters are very important. They are for business purposes as well as for familiarity. With the business name in the letters, sometimes the customers can already memorize it. If you are managing a business, it is important for you to know how to write a business letter. So, keep your eyes open as well as your mind because below are the important steps on how you can write an effective business letter.

Steps on How to Write Business Letters

Get a clean sheet of paper. Make sure that this paper has no crumpled part and choose the good texture. Remember that a business letter with good and neat paper reflects the quality of the companies.

Then, create a business letter. Write the date when you are writing the letter in the upper corner of the paper. You can also use the date for a point of later position.

Write the name of the receiver with his or her work position, the name of the company and as well as the complete address.

In the upper left part, write a salutation. Usually, they write “Dear,” then followed by the whole name of the receiver but is better to formally address the receiver as Mrs. or Mr. In case the name is unknown, you can write Sir or Madam.

Next is the body of the letter. Make sure that this is clear and readable. Do not use an indention instead just put a space between paragraphs. The purpose of the letter should visibly appear in the first sentence.

After you have done the body, write the formal closing on the left part. The usual closing is “Sincerely”. Below, write your whole name. Remember that once the name is written printed, put a signature.
Last, before the letter be given to the messenger, you must firstly review it and if there are mistakes edit them.


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