How to Sign Off On a Business Letter

Communication is important between two business people and companies. A business letter is a formal way of communicating but it is important to impose strict rules in creating a business letter.

The business letter has different parts that play important role in conveying the intention of the sender.

When writing a business letter it is important to remember that it should be clear and concise. Each part of the letter should be understood by the reader. Likewise, courteous tone should always be applied. It should not be conversational instead it should be formal. You should also pay attention about the spelling and grammar before sending it.

Tips in Writing a Business Letter

The first part of the business letter is the heading. It consist of the name of the sender as well as the address. However, if you are writing on behalf of your company, most probably the address is already printed in the letterhead. The address can be aligned in the center or at the top of the page. The next part that should be included is the date that should be written just below the name and address. It is an important aspect in the letter that is why you should write it clearly.

Another important component in writing a business letter is the person you are writing. After the date you should leave two spaces before writing the name of the addressee as well as the address and designation. Make sure to write the name and designation correctly as well as the address. You should follow the correct format. Next is the right manner of addressing the person. The commonly word used in addressing one person is “Dear”. Nevertheless, when addressing to different people you can write “Dear Sir/Madam”. When writing the body of the letter you should include the purpose of writing the letter. As much as possible you should be courteous and at the same time should be clear and concise. Make sure to convey the message properly so that everything will be clear to the reader.

Finally, the last part yet important part of the business letter is the closing or the sign off. The closing part is the final words of the sender to the addressee. Included in the closing is the signing off that is commonly using the words “Yours faithfully” for formal business letter and “Yours sincerely” if the sender does not know the name of the addressee. On the other hand, it is also acceptable to use “Regards” or “Kind regards” for less formal closings. Therefore, in order to write an effective business letter and appropriate signing off, you should familiarize the different parts of the letter and how it should be written. In this way, you can ensure that you can convey the purpose and at the same time it improves your credibility.


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