What is the Cash Flow Business

Have you heard of the cash flow business? Are you amazed with its potential to earn money for you? Are you wondering whether it is a legal business venture?

How will you actually find notes? What really are notes? Learn these and more from our basic guide to the cash flow business.

A cash flow business has always been around but it has gained more attention when Russ Dalbey came around with his late night infomercial. Many were lured into his Note Network web site  and many have also voiced out comments on the business strategy that he was teaching. They were introduced into the business through the purchase of Mr. Dalbey’s Winning In The Cashflow Business system. While experts acknowledge the general principle of the system, Mr. Dalbey has been accused of plain profiteering in the sale of his instruction materials. One of the many questions that people ask about the cash flow business is whether it is legitimate.

A cash flow business is legal. It involves the reselling of notes that entitles brokers to a certain percentage of the transaction as commission. It is being done by banks and other large financial institutions. But what is with a note that it can be sold? A note is actually a promissory note of a person or business entity that has borrowed an amount (usually from a bank). It is secured by properties such as a house or land or building. Most often the security is a real estate. When the borrower could not pay, the lender gets the property that is under mortgage. In certain cases, the lender could not wait until the mortgaged property is redeemed. It wants to get payment immediately. What it does is sell the note to another investor at a price that is lower than the original value.

Now here’s the business opportunity for people outside the transaction. When a lender wants to sell the note, he needs to find a buyer for it. Some people make a business out of matching notes seller to buyer – in short by becoming a broker. The hard part of this business is seeking out people who want to sell notes. Usually this information is listed on county courthouses. You have to dig the information out and afterwards find people who will be interested in them. It means that anyone wanting to start this business must really sweat it out. And sweat it out hard exactly because of competition.

Mr. Dalbey has put up his web site as that repository of “note for sale” information. And he outlined three easy steps to earn a commission as a broker. And one of them is by using his web site as platform for that purpose. Experts point out, however, that Mr. Dalbey has made his instruction on the cash flow business as something very simple, when actually it is not.


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