Types of Business License

Getting a business license is an important part of starting a business. It secures both the businessman and the public from fraudulent transaction, illegal activities and public nuisance.

If you want to get a business license, here are the types you can choose from.

There are different types of business permits depending on the type of your business and its range. So, let us start out with the general business.

Getting the Types of Business License You Need

Before you will be issued with a business license your business must first adhere to the requirements of zoning code. It is given to businessmen who are within the limits of the city. If your application for license is denied, you shall be notified and allowed to appeal for the decision. The cost of this type of license is $100 which is valid for two years.

Home-based business is the newest trend of business nowadays. Some of the niches are the following: online business, buy and sell and small piggeries or farm. These need permit in order to have a legal operation. It ensures that the business is not harmful to the surrounding families and residents near the area. The local city gives several restrictions in home business operation in order to maintain peace and orderliness in the community. The cost of this license is the same as general business license.

Special business license is obtained from the city hall. You also need to bear in mind that there are several business types requiring one or more license. The license costs $125 and it is registered annually. Police approval and character view is done in the process of getting this type of license. Fingerprinting costs $44 and the processing should take 90 days before approval.

The following is the list of businesses requiring special license: services offering home repair, carnivals or circus, automobile repairs, marketers for automobile parts, dealers of jewelry, fire-arms, purchasing and selling of scrap metals and other types of metals, auto towing, maintenance services, taxicabs and transportation vehicle, companies offering private security, tobacco sellers and more. This is done to secure the welfare of the public.

This permit is also obtained in the city hall. If you are an employee, you must submit yourself for police approval and character check. Employees pay $75 for a license that is good for 1 year. Finger printing costs $44. Just like the special business license, the processing for approval of this permit takes up to 90 days. This permit secures the credibility of a person offering different kinds of services just like massage therapist, drivers, etc.

A permit is also needed by solicitors especially those who sell products, merchandise, periodicals, books, photographs, take order for subscription or offer private residence. The department of justice may also perform a background check to check for matters concerning the legality and credibility of the business and its transactions and it normally costs $44 dollars. There is a business license staff that you can consult for further information.


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