Tips on Business Contract Between Two Parties

Business contracts are officially binding written arrangement between two or several parties. They are actually an essential portion of business and certain agreements must be needed to be reviewed and created meticulously. Even though smaller business usually conduct agreement on informal way like simple handshake or unspoken understanding, keep in mind that it is still in danger, which makes it very important to have a duly signed contract.

As you know, contract work as a guide for both parties that they need to follow the agreement.

Contents of the Contracts

In every contract, it may include the obligations that both parties are estimated to accomplish. It should also describe the entire obligations that both parties must fulfill. To avoid any liabilities and to set parameters like time frame wherein it may include the terms of contract should be met. To set terms of rental, lease and sale as well as to determine the terms of payment. The contents of the contract must clearly establish all responsibilities and risks of both parties.

Why Contracts are Important?

A contract is a written gathering of minds, even if it is commonly created by one party and supports the requirements and needs of such party and mostly to protect them from liabilities and must be thought of firstly and progresses as every party will contribute their terms, wants and needs as well as other issues to be resolved before signing. After signing the contract, it is now a legal document or testament that promotes the beneficial transaction and transaction. This is very important for both parties doing business. Clearly, both parties must profit in certain manner before inflowing into certain agreement.

What Needs To Be Considered in Business Contract?

When formulating a business contract between two parties it should also include the liability, consideration, risk, ownership rights and compensation. This contract should be accomplished with the assistance of a legal lawyer who is expert in terms of contract so that he or she can help you add some additional clause on your contract in an apparent manner.

A contract must also specify how the terms must be enforced as well as the actions need to be taken if in case the other party fails to fulfill his responsibility. Certain contracts will also comprise “out clauses” wherein one party could choose to get out from the contract on a particular date. Usually, it is commonly done by notify the other party his desire to terminate the contract through formal letter.
There might also be a requirement to arbitrate certain disagreement that may arise during the length of contract. The disputes are normally will be handled by the assistance of third party arbitrator that can also included in the contract.

According to sources, both parties should be able to formulate effective clauses in every contract before they sign it. They must have a copy of the contract, so that they have reference in case of disputes.

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  • George said on September 7, 2011
    Orange County, CA USA. I couldn't agree with you more regarding business contracts between two parties. What if an employer hires me to perform telecommute activities from my home office is the application the contract or can a business contract be drawn up especially as your article indicates in formulating a business contract to include liability, consideration, risk, ownership rights, compensation, enforcing terms, out clauses and arbitrary disputes on certain disagreements. Especially when the employer is highly considering I fill out a W9 to include with an I9. In order to gain much from this article I would like to include that I didn't know much about this process till I read this article and would like to know why two tax forms when the I9 suffices me as the independent contractor or self employed entity. What does the W9 involve, include or exclude? And to my understanding as an independent or self employed entity and the delicacy of this subject matter should I encourage the employer agree to a business contract to involve our attorneys or just my attorney.


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