Starting an ABA Company

An ABA Company stands for Applied Behavior Analysis wherein it is characterized as form of science that deals with human behavior. The company aims to help those individuals who suffer from developmental disorders like autism.

This way, they can easily meet the unique needs of children with autism like academic skills, emotional skills, linguistic and motor skills. The purpose of the ABA Company is to supplement the goals of children that suffer from this kind of developmental disorder.

An ABA Company is composed of consultants who are responsible for assessing the needs of a certain child with autism as well as they are also the ones who monitor their home curriculum program. Teaching and monitoring an individual who suffers from this developmental disorder is not an easy task. Most of the professionals and families with children who suffer from autism consider this situation as a challenging task for them to deal with. However, the existence of an ABA Company, they will provide you with VB Program with excellent and reliable therapists who will provide them with direct instruction to cope up with their situation.

Choosing your Consistent Consultant

In starting your ABA Company, you are required to properly choose and hire your consistent consultant who has doctoral degree in the field of psychology as well as exceptional credentials and hands-on training. The ABA consultant that you need to choose and hire must have a solid and better understanding when it comes to analysis and behavior field. The ideal consultants must be responsive to therapist and parent concerns and input.

Assessing the Child’s Needs

An ABA consultant is the one who will assess the skills of a child with the use of multiple tools that include learning skills and basic language. The parents of the children with autism are also required to purchase the teaching tools and ABLLS chart that they will make use in their VB Program. The VB Program of an ABA Company will serve as the gateway of your child to give them the opportunity to foresee the beauty of life.

Designing the VB Program

The ABA consultant will also design the VB Program that will be based on parent objectives and child’s needs. Starting your ABA Company must focus on data graph analysis, the total number of therapy hours, materials needed in the program and the techniques to be used to attain the target skill of a child.

Hiring Therapists

When the VB Program is completely set, it is the right time for you to seek and hire for therapists who will work in your ABA Company. A therapist that you need to consider and hire is the one who is flexible, playful, creative and passionate in helping the children reach their goals as well as the one who encourages them to learn the motivational variables.

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  • Keziah Gakahu said on June 7, 2014
    I would want to set us an ABA company in Kiambu a county next to the Nairobi City in Kenya. Kindly assist me with more information.


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