Starting a Solar Panel Installation Business

Recently, the popularity of the solar power has continuously grown in a tremendous speed. As of 2008, solar installations quickly jumped to 81 percent compared to the 2007 power generation grid-tied. This is in accordance to the facts of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

Moreover, in order to have an alternative source of energy, there are several government grants as well as rebates which are available for the sole purpose of helping home owners and business entrepreneurs to afford the solar panels’ installation.

How to Start a Solar Panel Installation Business

In this type of business, you are going to conduct a research first about the market on solar panels. Upon gathering all the needed facts, the next step will be the determination of whether the solar power is that of a good business choice or not. While you are on your research, also seek the best type of the manufacturers of the solar panels specifically in your area or locality. Find all of the various types of the manufacturers of these solar panels. It will also be more ideal if you will communicate with the energy offices of your state in order for you to acquire more research data which they complied with regards to the use of the solar panel on your state. The Solar Energy Industries Association as well as the Department of Energy Solar energy Technologies’ (DESET) official websites is the best sites to start your gathering of industry information.

Necessity of Certification

Following the above mentioned activity will be the obtaining of solar panel installer certification. There are several offices which offer efficient training sessions about solar installation such as the local renewable energy offices and the green building events. There are also some manufacturers of the solar panels who also give certification as well as training about the different ways on the proper installation of their panels. The website of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is where the full information about the certification can be found.

Finding the Appropriate Location

Next will be the haunting of the location of your business on solar panel installation. In this particular part, if you are planning to operate the business in other places instead in your home, you must make sure that your business establishment has complied with all the restriction of the local zoning. Then select the legal and proper structure which is for the benefit of your business. In this certain cases, seek the advice of a lawyer.

Once done with all of the activities mentioned above, create a well detailed business plan having short term and long term goals, financial requirements, and marketing plans as well. You must also determine the name of your business and obtain insurance and financing of it.


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  • Anand Menon said on December 31, 2012
    To Monocrystalline Solar Cell manufacturers. We are into infrastructure projects and wants to diversify in making of Solar Cell / Panels whereby by assembling the same with CFL's battery small appliances can be made to run in rural India. Would request some-one to guide us in setting up of factory for the same also the cost involved in the procurement of various machines so the end product Solar Panels can be made. We have sufficient land for the project. Our company name is Abhikalp Infrastructure India Pvt Ltd Any Suggestions / guidance on the subject matter will be highly appreciable. Kind Regards Anand Menon +919657466608
  • Oluwole Akinyemi said on February 24, 2013
    kindly funished me with idea of solar installation in a profitable ways . thanks
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    i am living in cochin, kakkanad. I have a double storied house with rain roof on top, The house is in 12 cents. The is space to set up a workshop of 200 sft. can use roof top of 1500sft. please advise, antony


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