Starting a Promotional Products Business

Companies and businesses, small and large, are spending a lot of money on promotional products for their marketing strategy.

With this huge money going for the promotional products, the market and the financial windfall for anyone willing to set up a promotional products business is big. Learn how to become one.

It is reported that in North America alone, billions of dollars are being spent by companies for their promotional marketing for their existing and potentials clients. If one would think of it, there are millions of t-shirts, caps, hats, calendars and the likes that are being given away just to maintain or perk up someone’s business. The facts given above are just one of the major reasons why one should enter a promotional products business. This business is a lucrative one and hitting the right note for the entrepreneur will give him at least a portion, if not huge, of the market that is open for this business.

For those who are inclined to start a promotional product business, there are only several basics tasks to do. And doing these tasks merit a boldness of the entrepreneurial heart because the businessman ought not to fear marketing his business.

Here are the guidelines to follow:

Know What it Takes in a Promotional Products Business

The businessman who is willing to enter in this business must understand that the nature of this venture requires strong marketing strategies and excellent sales pitch. Clients for this business are usually businesses themselves and trying to catch their attention to use your products for promotional tactics is important.

Don’t Sell Directly, Be the Middle Man

One of the rules in the main operation of a promotional products business is not to sell directly the products to the clients but to act as a middle man between the clients and the suppliers. It is not advisable in this kind of business to manufacture the promotional products yourself and sell it to your clients. This will be disastrous to your venture. The right way to approach this business is to have a list of good suppliers of your promotional products and from there sell it to your clients. It is constraining and hard if you yourself will have to produce your own promotional products like hats, pens, mugs, caps and calendars. There is basically no way that you can do this all by yourself. So the intelligent way is to get suppliers do the manufacturing for you.

What are the Basics for Your Promotional Products Business

At the minimum the only things that you will need in this kind of business is a computer to advertise your business and a digital camera to take pictures of your products.


  • SUNIL JAIN said on January 9, 2011
  • Lesley said on March 13, 2011
    I would like to have access to feasibility studies on the promotional products business. I am thinking of owning one.
  • nametsegang said on March 6, 2012
    I am in botswana and would like to start a promotional products company. how do i link with suppliers, preferably in South Africa, and what will it take for me to start?
  • Diane said on April 12, 2013
    Those new to the industry might benefit from getting an experience industry mentor. Selling promotional products is not rocket science but, like any industry, there is a lot to learn. A mentor/coach can help you through the learning curve and to avoid pitfalls. We recruit and mentor new dealers (at no cost to them as their training in subsidized by home office.) For more info, contact (I'm sorry we can only assist dealers in the USA at this time.)
  • Thandeka said on July 21, 2022
    Hi im from South africAfrica want to start promotion company how do you get client also want to know about pricing.


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