Starting a Partnership Company

Settling for a partnership company has its own benefits and drawbacks. But there are lots of considerations that you must be reminded of to make sure that everything will run smoothly for your business and its people.

Before you start dealing with a partnership company, you must first gain knowledge on its pros and cons.

You should be reminded that it is about the division and the delegation of power to others but it may not work for everyone. But its major advantage is that it can help you have a lot around you to gather up each other’s financial and intellectual resources to make the whole company be a stronger one. By then, you must settle the legalities which would include the rights and tasks of your partner.

The Documentation

The more partners are involved, the more that you need to know take down notes of all the details. It is highly important that everything is put into writing. It is definitely much better if you can get the service of a lawyer to prepare the contract that everybody would get to read and understand. This should explain well the position of each in the company and their tasks and responsibilities along with what they will get in return.

The Signatory

You must decide on who will be in charge of signing documents and the making of the big set of decisions. Almost every action done in a partnership company requires a signatory before being done from materials to be bough, employees to be hired or fired, etc. You would need to agree in advance on the partners that you need the signature of for formal authorization.

Choosing and Registering the Name

Then it is about time to choose the right business name for the partnership company. You should settle for a business name that would represent what the company embodies. You can base it on your names, the product or service your are offering, and the likes. This is very essential in the process of establishing the image of your business which would appear in most of your documents. Once you get decided, it is time to register its name with the right authorities in office. This would depend on the state you live in. you might be required to pay some fees to be able to check if the name if registered or not already. Once it gets approved, you will be the only one exclusive in using it. After this, you must proceed with the rest of the requirements of filing for licensing and permits for your business.


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