Starting a Land Clearing Business

Land clearing business deals on construction project that involves land clearing equipment. Owning simple hand tools and industrial saw is a good start for the business.

Once you do the business in the right manner, it would be your gateway to owning a stable business.

Starting a land clearing business would require you not only the knowledge about the business but also the enough start up capital. There are several factors to consider when planning starting a land clearing business. You need to acquaint yourself with these factors that would help you make or break your new business venture

Investigate Competitors

Before you start a land clearing business, it is necessary to investigate about the competition in the area. This is the primary and very important thing that you should do so that you will know if you can survive in the competitive business. You can make research in the directory and take a list of the competitors within your prospected area. In case that there are several lands clearing businesses open in the area, think of opening your business in other area. Another thing to consider is the viability of opening such kind of business. Determine if there are enough clients that looking for land clearing services. This would make you know if the competition is doing well. You can take risk in starting the same business despite of tight competition if the competition is justifiable. You need also to understand the strengths and weaknesses of establishing a land clearing business so that you will know how you will stake up against your competitors.

Learn From Others

Talking to someone who has been in the business for a long time is crucial in opening a land clearing business. However, you should not be too confident that your competitors would be open to give you advice. In this case, you can look for a business owner from other place that is willing to share with you their entrepreneurial wisdom. Surely, they will give you the best advice knowing that you are not in the same place. On the other hand, you should look for at least ten business owners to ensure that you can find even one business owner who is willing to give you useful advice.

Consider Franchising

Starting a land clearing business is also possible through franchising. This is the best option that many business owners did to avoid from failing. Likewise, considering franchise opportunities would help you alleviate the start up process. However, you still need to assess if you can make profit out of franchising. You can go online and search for franchise opportunities where you can qualify. Lastly, before starting the business you should check for the regulations set by the local as well as the state. Doing this you can prepare and secure for the necessary legal documents.


  • Scott Willard said on November 15, 2012
    I am wanting to start a land clearing business on a very small scale in the Oxford Mississippi area. I am already a groundskeeper at UM. When I say small, what I mean is weedeating small, troublesome areas that the owner doesn't want to be burdened with and then ease my way into doing bigger and more involved areas as my success builds. I do want to look into franchise opportunities for when the time is right to go bigger. Can you provide me with a list of franchises in this business?
  • Andy said on January 22, 2014
    Hey man I'm trying to start a land development co. In ur area for farms taking out tree lines laying underground pipe ext... I have a large and small excavator and dozer I've been as fare as rolling fork and yazoo so fair is there much point in coming any farther north? Any insite from someone who lives there would be greatly appreciated.


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