Starting a Kayak Business

One of the most favorite recreational activities by people do especially during summer and springtime is kayaking. Are you living just near a riverside? Then why don’t you take that opportunity in order for you to earn good money? Since families and large groups really love to enjoy the beautiful seasons, having your kayak business can be very ideal.

If you would like to venture into renting your kayaks, of course you need to have with you few employees who can manage the renting.

In this kind of business, what you need to get started are the following: safety gear, employee, kayaks, liability insurance, license and pro shop as well. The first thing which you need to consider in your kayak renting is the right location where you will you will set your shop up. If you will provide a kayak for rapid water, that will require you more supervision and liability coverage as well. So, you must decide if you will provide kayaks for rapid water.

How to Start a Kayak Business

You also need to learn the rules when it comes to operating this kind of business in order for you to avoid legal issues in the future. You need to contact the Department of Wildlife of your state so that you will learn more about the following: insurance requirements, liability concerns, permit requirements and liquor laws as well.

In the particular location which you chose to set up your shop, you can also offer cabins so that there will be a greater opportunity for you to earn more money. Of course, after a tired and long day being on the kayak on the splashing river waters, they will find a place for them to rest their dog-tired bodies. To be able for you to have a successful construction of the cabins, you need to submit your building plans and get a zoning approval. Hiring a contractor must also be one of your considerations.

You must also come up with course lengths of every water ride so that you can maintain the safety of all your clients. By setting up the drop offs of the clients every day, you will be able to save your manpower and time.

Would you like to offer kayak tours? Then you also need to get your certification which can serve as an avenue for your kayak business to earn competitive degree, professionalism and credibility degree as well.

A trailer and bus are indispensable equipments. You also need to hire reliable drivers to drive your clients to their starting point and thereby unloading the kayaks. The following are also some of the things which you can buy to sell or rent to them: paddles, spray skirts, canoes, rafts, bags, foods and snacks, water, folding chairs, water toys and life jackets.


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