Starting a Foreclosure Cleaning Business

One of the businesses which are on the rise on the industry today is no other than the foreclosure business which is definitely getting national attention and recognition today. In fact, this has already been featured on several news stations around the US and in Oprah as well. This year, if your greatest dream is to have money on your pocket, then you can try to operate your own foreclosure business.

In this business, you don’t need to have a businessman’s skills or a businessman’s experience because it only takes common sense to manage it. You can also work at your own pace because you can choose either part-time or full-time.

A foreclosure business actually has several forms but the simplest is the foreclosure cleaning business because it is very easy. Because of the fact that there is a high rate of foreclosed homes in the entire nation, these properties need to be maintained, repaired and cleaned up for resale. To get started, you will need the following equipments that can contribute to your success in this business: fax machine, copier, scanner, digital camera, clip board, internet connection, computer and cell phone.

Startup a Foreclosure Clean up Business

After knowing the things and equipments that you need, proceed to the next step by developing a well-organized business plan. In order for you to create an excellent business plan even though this is just your first time to draft one, you can visit a reliable website just like

Next, you need to decide on the business formation which you will use such as Corporation, LLC, Partnership and Sole Proprietorship. To make the clients know what kind of business you have, you must also indicate it in your chosen business name. Aside from being catchy, you must also see to it that clients will easily remember it. It will be the REO Agents which will send you more work. To make everything in legal order, you also need to completely file all the required forms and documents.

Next, you need to get a business license from the Country Department or from the local city. This won’t cost you that much because it is just less than $100. After the business license application, you need to open up a business account.

You must also do the best that you can to get the excellent deals. So, you need to get more quotes for your liability insurance. A bank contact list is also needed for you to save a huge amount of your money and time. By getting a REO Bank Contact list, that can only be the time for you to have your business registered with lots of banks to be their vendor. Zip codes are also very necessary to be included because this is the manner of assigning of the REO Asset Managers.

The work order will be sent through email so you need to always be on the lookout in your inbox. Being on time and doing the job well can lead to more work and green bills as well.


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