Starting a Decal Business

There are many opportunities for decal business and two of the most popular are vinyl and auto decal.

Probably we can even say that auto decal is more lucrative concerning its potential to become a great money earner. Read and learn more.

Right now, there are many possibilities for decal business. The two most promising and in demand nowadays are vinyl decal and auto decal business. But to narrow down this guide for you, we will be concentrating on auto decal business since this is far the most lucrative business venture to do right now.

Have you notice the burgeoning demand for auto decal business? It seems almost everyone wants their car to be designed according to their style and personality. There is also a lot of use for decal for promotion and advertising by putting it on buses and trucks. This gives opportunity to get the attention of potential customers and be informed regarding a product or service.

If you want to start a decal business, below are some guidelines on how you can pull this off. (The example as stated above is patterned on auto decal business but this is also applicable to any other decal business.)

Equipment for your Decal Business

The most important equipment that you will use for you decal business is a computer, a plotter and ink. The use of these equipments cannot be underrated. Your computer is the launching pad for every design that you will create for your clients. By the use of computer also you can install design software that can make your designing work easier. In this time and age of digital technology you cannot move away from this necessary tool so it is better to get used to it.

The plotter on the other hand is the machine that takes your computer image into a decal stock. Plotter usually cost around $5,000. The ink or cartridges meanwhile cost around $50 to $70.

Marketing for Decal Business

When you are into this kind of business, it is advisable and necessary that one should be proactive. This means marketing should be pursued with such great effort and labor. You can do this by networking with car dealers and car enthusiasts. Partnering with these entities will give you an idea what is the best in the industry. You can also approach businesses that allow decals to be pasted on their buses and trucks.

You can also create a website to display your design so that your prospective clients will see it before ordering. As part of your business strategy you can give free decal for customers who order in bulk.

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