Starting a Crepe Business

If you want to start a crepe business, you should study the local market to check if such business is still viable. Create a solid plan that you can use to secure funding from potential lenders like SBA and banks.

There is a need to lease out store space where you can offer the best crepe recipes.

If you want to start a crepe business, you will need a restaurant or an eatery where you can serve this food item. Since the industry is highly competitive, you will need a comprehensive plan that you can follow during startup. Many restaurants close within or after a year and you must overcome this in order to succeed. A thorough market study is vital to determine if a crepe business is viable or not. The research will tell you how well your business will perform under the current market condition and with the existing competitors.

How to Start Your Own Crepe Business?

Decide in advance whether you will start from scratch or if you will open a franchise. With the latter, you no longer need to create a plan because the franchise company will provide you with a ready-made plan to success. However, this option is a bit costly since you will be paying for the brand recognition, additional training, royalties, and franchising fees. Whereas if you start from scratch, you can get to own the crepe business solely and you can control all operations. The profits will belong to the owner and no one else. This type of ownership can entail great responsibilities but the same time, there are also benefits. Try to weigh things first before making a decision.

You will need a business plan that will guide you from startup until you’ve fully achieved your goals. If you don’t have enough capital, don’t worry because you can apply for small business loans from potential lenders in your area. You can check with SBA (Small Business Administration) to take advantage of loans having small interest. For the space, you can lease out a location that is near foot traffic, especially shopping centers and malls. People love snacks and crepe is one of the best.

When you have secured the place, you can now purchase the needed supplies, equipment, and other essentials. This will include a refrigerator, crepe pans, chairs, tables, and many others. To reduce upfront costs, you can lease out some of the equipment. Make sure that you create and offer savory/sweet crepe that can satisfy a wide range of customers. You will have to decide who will cook the snacks and of course, you need to hire staffs. Decide on other food items that you will serve, especially beverages. Secure a license and EIN for tax purposes. Promote the business prior to opening to attract a lot of customers. You can use fliers, business cards, and post cards.


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