Starting a Contracting Company

If you have background on supervising how a construction firm works, you can also start your own contracting company. Here, you no longer have to be an employee but the boss of your own business.

If you need more knowledge in making this happen, this is the article worth reading.

If you have a contracting company, you will work both for small and large construction projects. In choosing the type of contracting company you would like to venture into, the following are just some of the options you can choose from: finish carpentry, carpentry, cement, electrical, plumbing and drywall contractors. The main job of a general contractor is to bid the job and the overall project as well to complete a certain construction project. Three of the most important things you need to start your own contracting company are contractor vehicles, insurance and bonding and contracting tools.

Tips to Starting a Contracting Company

Before anything else, it is very important that you have a business plan to direct the overall flow of your business. You can also choose whether you will center on providing commercial or residential services. To keep the budget plans and the finances on their right track, it is very advisable that you get a CPA. In setting your business structure, a lawyer will be a great help for you. Three of the business structures you can choose from are sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Company and corporation.

When you have settled these things, the next step is obtaining a business name with the government. The estimated amount of a business name is $10-$25. You also need to identify if you still need to get a business license. Another thing which you need to have is the contractor’s liability insurance and bonding because you will be dealing with the property of people. Through this, your business will be protected from any forms of financial damages and litigation up to your insurance policy limits. The type of bonding and insurance which you need to buy is the general liability insurance. If your job was not done well, the insurance will be the one to pay out the damages that had been caused by your contracting company.

After that, you need to buy the tools needed. Just before you do the very first service, you have to make an inventory of the tools needed and their corresponding prices as well. Of course, the tools that must be bought will also depend upon the type of contracting business you will venture into. Looking for great finds? Then you must purchase them in the Harbor Freight Tools.
Of course, you also need to hire the most competitive individuals so that you can avoid any misconduct at work. For more potential clients to know more about the type of business you have, you also need to launch the best advertising campaigns.


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