Starting a Computer Reseller Business

How do you start a computer reselling business? Find out from our basic guide the ways you can open a computer store. One way is to open virtually.

What you need most is a relationship with a wholesale distributor/supplier from whom you will be ordering for your customers. This is less hassle, making it doable.

Starting Your Own Computer Reselling Business

Are you a techie person, especially when it comes to computer-related stuffs, both hardware and software? Then you can become be entrepreneur. You can start a business reselling computers. There are at least two ways you can start this: by operating an onsite store or an online one. The main difference is: operating a physical store means having tangible computers and software as inventory. Whereas, operating a virtual computer store doesn’t really mean getting that inventory and having your capital stuck with it.

Onsite v. Online Computer Reseller Store

If you want an onsite store, you have to find a physical location for it like a mall or a corner building. You might need to renovate and refurbish it with display racks. You also have to arrange the transport of the goods like desktops, and laptops.

For a virtual store, what you need foremost is a Website. It is a tool that you will use to find customers from all over the globe. A counter is to a real store, while a Website is to online store. It is a venue for “displaying” the items you are selling. But unlike a real store wherein you need to close for a few hours a day, an online store does not close. It can stay awake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to showcase products and receive comments, questions and feedback.

But how about the merchandise? You can partner with a wholesale distributor and arrange a drop shipping transaction with the business. It means one of the major things you should have in this business is a relationship with a wholesale supplier or computer product liquidator. After you closed a deal with a customer, you contact the wholesale computer distributor to drop ship a product to the place of the customer. What you basically did was arrange the shipment. The business opportunity in here is not only in selling pre-made computers. You can also specialize in making customized units. The mechanics are the same except that you forward to the distributor some specific instructions on the capacity and capability of the computer unit.

Getting Payments for an Online Computer Store

Another difference between the two is getting payments from customers. Unlike a real store wherein you will receive cash or get to swipe ATM cards, operating an online store means processing payment transactions also online. You need to set up a merchant account to receive payment. By getting a merchant account and get a shopping cart feature on your Web site. Setting one should not be too much a hassle.

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