Start your Own Corporation

Are you a business minded person and you want to extend your small business into a corporation?

If you like to get information on how to start your own corporation then we have prepared the guidelines for you that you can use in starting your own corporation as well as the legal matters.

Start your Own Corporation from the First Step

Having a business of your own is everybody’s dream, especially if you’re tired of having a boss and just earn a limited income based on your monthly salary. Starting from a small business is a pretty good start as the first step for you to own a corporation. Before you plan in starting a corporation, you must master first the ins and outs of managing a small business. If possible also if you can have a degree in business management it can help you out to learn the basics of handling a business. Learning from experience will be your important tool in handling such businesses.

The Advantages of Starting Your Own Corporation

Maybe you’re thinking why some entrepreneurs would like to incorporate their business. This is due to the advantages of being incorporated rather than having a business as sole proprietorship. The risk in having a sole proprietorship is that the owner has all the liabilities including his properties, compared to a LLC or limited liability corporation which is a separate legal entity from the personal life. Meaning there’s an additional protection for you if you incorporate your business, however you are still advised to acquire a business liability insurance to enjoy such advantage. Another advantage of corporation is the lower tax rates. And also, regarding raising money and selling the business, a corporation can raise money easier by selling shares of the company and it is easy to sell a corporation than a non-corporate business.

Steps in Starting your Own Corporation

Now that you have an idea of what benefits it could give you in incorporating your business, it is high time to give you the steps on how to start your own corporation with all legal matters. First, ask your lawyer regarding the legalities of transforming a sole proprietorship business into a corporation. If your lawyer can’t see any problem in your behalf then you can go on with your plan and proceed to the next step which is choosing a name for your corporation and selecting a state to incorporate.

Think of a good name for your corporation and it is advisable to incorporate your business within your home state because it is harder and expensive to set up a corporation in the other state. You should also choose if what type of corporation you want to establish like LLC, S-corporation, and C-corporation. Then check with the necessary requirements and forms you need to fill-up with the local state office. Every state has their own laws regarding incorporating of businesses so be guided accordingly. Once everything is settled then you have now your own corporation legally.


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