Organic Fertilizer for Tomatoes

Growing organic garden is one way of healthy living. In organic gardening, it implies that gardener will use organic fertilizer.

All you have to do is to choose the right organic fertilizer suitable in your garden and crops.

Tomato is a plant that is categorized as heavy feeders. That is why it needs enough supply of rich nutrients in order to yield optimum amount of produce. There are lots of fertilizers available but tomatoes need the three main ingredients of fertilizer that include phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. It is important that these three ingredients should be in right proportion. Thus, the best thing to do is to look for organic fertilizer that offers the equal amount of phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. This is the best kind of fertilizer to use instead of chemical fertilizer.

Organic Plant Fertilizer

The key of having good produce in growing tomatoes is to feed them enough and with the best nutrients. You can start feeding the tomatoes by giving them rich organic fertilizer. However, you should know the right kind of organic fertilizer for tomatoes. There are two kinds of organic fertilizers such as the liquid and granular fertilizers. The liquid organic fertilizer is commonly used by gardener because it is readily available. Likewise, it is very easy to use and apply the fertilizer to the soil and at the same time it can be sprayed in the foliage. In like manner, the liquid organic fertilizer is also available in several types and made from different preparation. Some of the fertilizer is made from manure tea and fish emulsions. You can also make your own recipe of organic fertilizer. The drawback of liquid organic fertilizer for tomatoes is that it easily leaches out the ground once it rains and during dry spells.

On the other hand, another type of organic fertilizer that you can use in growing tomatoes is the granular fertilizers. This type of fertilizer is sprinkled on the base of the plant. Aside from giving good produce it also improves the soil. You can also use the granular organic fertilizer as top dressing by mixing the fertilizer into the soil. You need not worry if the plant gets too much of the granules because it contains more micronutrients. Nevertheless, this type of organic fertilizer is not recommended when your plant is not doing well.

Aside from these two organic fertilizers, gardeners can also produce home made organic fertilizer. You can recycle fruits and vegetables peel as well as other organic waste. Likewise, composting is another way of making organic fertilizer. In this way, you can save some amount of money from buying organic fertilizer. Keep in mind that using organic fertilizer is not only god for the plants but also for healthy living. Therefore, if you want to eat healthy food you can start growing tomatoes in your garden by using the organic fertilizer.


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