Making Internet Radio

Making money with an Internet radio would be an extension of your business plan. Of course, this is one way for you to attract more potential customers or clients. This will be a great idea of you having your business boom after all.

It will be a good start for you in expanding your business.

There are easy ways that you would want to follow in getting and keeping things done in thins kind of field. This will be your chance in helping others and making money at the same time. It will be a good catch anyway for whatever kind of business you might have, it will be broadcasted to inform your prospective clients.

Online Airing

It is true for sure that hosting your own show is costly. But now, there is interesting news about being aired online. To start with, you can follow what others are doing. You have to get your own account by signing up there. It is a must for you to follow instructions carefully. These are things that you need to do to get it all started. As you are now prepared to present your show, you have to dial for a certain phone number. The number will be given by the Blog Talk Radio. The next step that you have to do is to sign into your switchboard.

Make Some Money

As you make your own radio show, it will be free for other people to listen to. But you can make money out of it by stating the products of your business. You will only be paying minimal money because of the advertisement. One technique is that you must choose a name that will catch the attention of the listeners.

Plan the Show

As the show already has its schedule, put it on a spreadsheet or even on a table. List the date and the time when it will be aired. It should be based on a weekly or daily basis. If you have your own website, you can simply post here the next time you will have your show. It will be easy for them to catch up on you to subscribe on your testimonials.


It is a must for you to create a web page on your website where the internet radio show will be connected. This is called as linking, to highlight the information relative on the next appearances. If ever one is still interested to be known internationally, try to contact radio providers such as Live365 or even Artist First. But actually, it is the Blog Talk Radio which is one of the famous internet radio providers today. It will be very easy for you to access for their services for you to be of service to others also. You are not only gaining fame but you are gaining investment with which your business is at stake. You get to have passion in doing so. It is when the listeners are attracted on how you promote the kind of your business.


  • Maria said on February 7, 2012
    Could you please help me with regard to this. Online airing or internet radio show. Thanks & Regards, Marichris
  • Marvin Moreki Mataung said on September 28, 2012
    I would definitely like to start one as i am in the musical scene so internet radio would be a catch for the local and abroad
  • jesse said on April 12, 2013
    i always wanted to have an online talk show
  • williams tumushabe said on April 12, 2013
    i need your help, am at dar es salaam tanzania i have 2000 dollars and i want to start selling phones what can i do uncle.
  • Zubair Ali Khan said on August 4, 2013
    I already have Internet Radio , Give me some tips How I can Earn from this???
  • Sugath Jayavi Premalal said on November 3, 2014
    IT quality consultation, Small & Medium scale Software Developments and ICT Education
  • Gustavo said on September 10, 2016
    I want to air online, what are the best site providers to start with?
  • 2.0.7 said on February 1, 2017
    Do I really need license to broadcast my internet radio?
    Do I need to go to ICASA or SAMRO?
    please respond my question asap


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