Inventory Management Concepts

Inventory management concepts are always part of a business to make certain on the availability of stocks and for the enhancement of production and increased profitability rate.

In view of this, studying the several concepts governing inventory management is vital for business owners and managers; therefore we are here to help you out in analyzing this very sensitive subject matter.

The Importance of Inventory Management

There is no doubt that in order to achieve financial success in a particular business, inventory management is the key for this achievement. This important aspect in business management is focused on evaluating the needs of a business for a specific good to fill-up the inventory with enough stocks. The main objective of inventory management is to improve the sales outcome or profitability without spending too much in terms of financial and physical resources.

In optimizing the inventory level, there are important elements to consider:

  • Inventory Assessment
  • This area involves in evaluating the assets and financial sources of the business to check if it can sustain the acquiring of goods and supplies through availability of funds.

  • Inventory Forecasting
  • This area is focused in analyzing the future needs of the business to maintain availability of stocks in supplying the demands of the consumers. This is also essential in reducing shortage of stocks that may affect in the generation of revenues.

  • Inventory Visibility
  • In order to be updated on the current inventory, the company or business should apply a modern database system especially if it houses a huge list of inventories.

  • Inventory Quality Assurance
  • Quality of the goods or products are important to retain the trust of the consumers in supporting the business, therefore the quality assurance team is responsible in checking the quality of products coming from the vendors.

Furthermore, by analyzing these important key elements in the area of inventory management, the business can optimize its funds and will reduce the risk of waste of significant business transactions.

How to Deal with Inventory Management Concepts?

It is imperative to set certain guidelines in dealing with inventory management concepts. Here are some important tips on how business managers can deal with.

  • Application of Business Models for Inventory Management. There is a latest trend of business model that most businesses are utilizing nowadays and it is in the form of Vendor Managed Inventory or VMI. Under this scheme, most of the work in managing the inventory is on the hands of the vendor (or manufacturer) base on the information as provided by the retailer (store or business establishment). The generating of orders is being handled by VMI, thus reducing the homework of the retailer in processing of request for stocks. This also involves application of current database technology for easy communication between the two parties. Therefore, if you think this will work on your current operation then don’t hesitate to apply this business model.
  • Picking the Right Vendors. The concept of VMI will be effective if you choose the right vendor that has the capability of supplying your business with goods or stocks continuously and without interruption.

The aim of higher profitability rate really depends on how business managers handle the management of inventory properly, with this guideline there is no space for failures.


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