How Web Pages Make Money

Perhaps, you have already heard that many people can earn money through the internet. However, if you want to make money on the internet, the first thing you should take into consideration is creating your own web page. But this is not an easy task since you have to invest a lot of knowledge, time, and effort. With pages, you can easily market your products or services you want to sell.

But, have you ever wonder how you can earn money with your web pages? This article will give a sort of information regarding how web pages make money.

Most individuals have their own web pages used as their main business. However, making money with your own website is quite different from other online businesses. It uses various methods to help you improve web pages and to make it more marketable. Below are the direct methods on how to earn money with a web page.

PPC Advertising Networks

The first one is the PPC Advertising Networks. The most popular choice under this category is Google AdSense. You have to register first with the network and then copy and paste the code snippets on your web page. The network will eventually serve background ads or a text and images. After you have completely done this method, you can then earn money for every click. Another important point is that the productivity of this method will depend on the click-through rate, traffic levels of your web page, and the cost per click. On the other hand, the CTR will depend on the design of your web page. And the CPC will depend on the proper outlook of the web page.

Direct Banner Advertising

Next is the direct banner advertising, which is said to be the most profitable monetization way when it comes to selling your advertising space. The importance of this is that it enables you to pattern the authorized commissions and to identify your own rates. Usually, the most popular banner frames on the typical web page is 728 by 90 leaderboard, 125 by 125 button, 300 by 250 rectangular, and 120 by 600 skyscraper. However, the disadvantage of this method is that you are required to have a big audience to obtain qualified advertisers. Additionally, you will need to spend much time in supervising the banners, sales process, and the payments.

Affiliate Marketing

The third method is affiliate marketing which is a much known method on the internet. Under this category, you need to have a merchant that will allow other people sell the products and services as something in return for a commission. This also works as a type of advertising which is known as cost per action or cost per lead. Affiliates can mail prospective customers to the merchant using practical tools, from banners to text links and other product reviews.


Then, the last is the sponsors for single events and columns. In case your web page has certain events or columns like every day survey, a daily podcast, and special project, you can possibly ask companies to sponsor them individually.


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