How to Make Money with Enchanting

Earning money is one thing that all of us would surely want to do. Many people dream of having something to do so that they can live a lucrative life. However, things are never that easy these days and more often than not, failure is what many are experiencing. However, there are already a lot of ways in earning money the easy and legal way.

And one of these is through Enchanting. There are also things that you must remember on how to make money with Enchanting.

Making money is not an easy task and there are a lot of people who still experience failure in this venture. Good thing is that there are now a lot of ways in order for one to earn money the easy way and one of these is with the help of Enchanting.

Two Methods of Enchanting

Unlike the other kinds of professions, Enchanting is made up of two methods in order for one to earn money. The first method here is buying items from one auction house and then disenchanting them and the result materials will then be sold. The second method, on the other hand, is actually selling enchantments. It is actually a very rare occasion that you will only get a small fee whenever you sell a disenchanting service.

The Dilemmas

Selling these enchantments is very possible yet somewhat difficult. Before, it is suffering from the unique dilemma that the seller as well as the buyer must personally meet. However, there are already ways made so that enchanters can sell their products even if there are no personal meetings. Second dilemma is that not all enchants are that easy to sell. Those which are of low level are definitely not worth the effort and majority of the players these days just enchant their gear when they hit level cap already.

Rules to Make it Easier

Do not spam for it will not be helpful when you repeat the advertisement more often than once every minute. Once in every 5 minutes will already be sufficient. See to it that your advertisement will be short yet informative. Do not attempt to incorporate all enchants that you have instead, just select the top three of them. Make sure that you have included the necessary information if the price will include the materials or if the customer will be the one to provide it. A method that is considered to be least invasive is through selling enchantments. Here, you must wait until someone will ask for the enchant.

More about Enchanting

Enchanting skills will be improved through the use of gray items which you can actually sell to other vendors for profits that are smaller. You can create small profit by selling the items as well as the services that you have to some of the players in the low level. But remember that you must not bargain way above the prices so that you can be sure that you will be able to acquire the goal that you have. Also, Enchanters must remember to set their shops in capitals and make sure that you also have sufficient storage space so that your items will be properly kept.


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