How to Start an Auto Salvage Business

Auto salvage business is one that a state can do without because most of the residents in every state own a vehicle that needs to be tended by car specialists.

If you are seriously considering of investing in this type of industry, there are important steps that you should learn in order for you to thrive in auto salvage business.

Steps to Start an Auto Salvage Business

You should have a business plan first so that everything will be smooth sailing. You need to set a goal, and everything that you need requires a thorough assessment in order to be successful in this industry. Sufficient fund is very important if you still do not have the land where you can start up your auto salvaging business. You need a wide space of land where you have to park and pile up the junk cars. See to it that the location that you have chosen will not affect the nearby residents. It is more advisable if you seek a permit for operation from authorized authorities to ensure you that no one will protest against it in the future. Be sure that you have cleared up all the issues that might be charged against you in putting up this kind of business.

Setting up this business requires heavy equipments in loading and unloading the salvaged cars around the perimeter like forklift, cutting torch, loading truck, and other efficient and competent equipments that will make your business more clean, organized and not look like a junkyard.

You should have an effective advertisement of your business like putting it in a yellow directory, or in the local newspaper’s ads or make a captivating and large sign in front of your establishment.
Know your competitors and think of services that will make your business better from them. Provide premium quality services that will make you more preferable than your rivals in this industry. Offer competitive price to your clients in replacing important parts of their cars. Quality and low cost services will definitely makes more clients swarm into your shop.

You also need expert and professional technicians who are knowledgeable about the auto parts and one that knows how to disassemble and disassemble the parts of the different kinds of vehicles. These technicians should know how to troubleshoot malfunctioning parts of the car to avoid further hassles on your part and on the part of your client.

Know the insurances that cover the parts that you are going to replace for the defective part. It is very important for your customer the warranty services that you are going to offer to them.
Seek sound and great pieces of advice to those who have been into this kind of business outside your locality and from those who are willing to share their experience and ideas with you. Keeping in touch with other auto salvaging entrepreneurs will enrich your learning about the business.


  • henri Nomo said on November 20, 2012
    Hello Sir, I will like to start and a salvage car business in usa in Florida. i will like to know all document i need to have to start that business. thank you
  • ABDUL TIMITE said on March 31, 2014
    I would like to start a salvage car business in my country west Africa[IVORY COAST] capital Abidjan. I d like to know all documents and financial issues to start the in overseas. Thank you for your consideration, Abdul Timite,
  • ADELEYE said on August 6, 2016


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