How to Start a Yoga Store

If you want to start a yoga store or studio, you need to have a great business plan. This will guide you all the way from choosing the location, the design, and in securing licenses or permits.

With your passion for yoga, you will surely find it easy to manage your business and at the same time, you can indulge in your yoga activities.

Begin with a Small Investment

Are you into yoga? If you are, then you’ve probably been into yoga studios in your area. If you are not satisfied with their services and you have to passion for managing a business, why don’t you learn how to start a yoga store? It’s not that hard and as long as you have a business plan, you can’t go wrong. Since this is your initial investment, it would be a mistake to splurge your money into the business. You need to start with a small business first and work your way up. For starters, the studio can be 600 – 800 sq ft and the studio can be rented out or it can be your personal property.

Do the demographics. For instance, if you are going to cater to families, it’s not a good idea to choose a space that is next to a bookstore for adults. Industrial parks are no place for yoga stores that caters to the upper class. When choosing the location of the yoga store, it would be best to limit your choices to at least 3 sites so that you can negotiate with the landlords (if you plan to rent out the space) and take advantage of free rent and build in.

Yoga Store Design

The entryway of the store should include the front counter, pro shop, and waiting area for the seats. From the waiting area, the training floor should be visible but there should be a boundary. Your pro shop can sell bottled water, yoga straps, yoga mats, and other essential tools. That way, your customers will no longer go out just in case they need something. You can place the items on racks where your customers can see them. It would be great to have a separate counter for the pro shop and the front counter so entertaining new arrivals.

The decoration of the yoga store is also important. You can paint the store with gold, crimson, or other vibrant colors. It’s up t you to decide on the theme of the shop – you can go for modernistic design or traditional themes. You can also get posters and place them in frames to add to the decoration. Don’t forget to put a restroom and the path to it should not be obstructed. At the beginning, you don’t need dressing rooms but once the store expands, you can now include them in the overall design. You also need to secure a business permit or license to keep things legal.

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  • amit kumar said on April 18, 2010
    hi. i'm management student and i want to start yoga centers throughout the country got initially i want to be start from vizag, AP.


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