How to Start a Tortilla Business

Everybody loves tortilla. Almost everyone enjoys eating them and they are the favourite comfort food of people who are always on the go and even those people who just loves it because it tastes good.

Starting up your own tortilla business is quite easy. Here is how you can start your gear up.


The first thing that you should work on when you start your tortilla business is to search for the local, state or federal requirements for food based business. This is quite important because you are going to sell food to your customers. Complying with the necessary requirements will definitely be a plus factor to your customers. The reason for this is once you were able to comply with the requirements then you are giving the impression that the food you are selling is clean because you passed the requirement needed by the state authorities. These requirements may definitely vary depending on the location where you live. You should have an access to the commercial kitchen so that you will be able to sell food intended for consumption. Make it to a point that you register with the Food and Drug Administration. Most states would require you to get the inspection being conducted by the state inspector. Through this inspection, you will be able to determine whether your workplace is already enough or you still have to put some additional things in order to pass the said inspection.


Make sure to analyze your market. See to it that there is enough demand of tortillas in local restaurants, bakeries and stores. This is essential because these business establishments are your main customers. There could be some niche that needs to be filled so fill it with your tortilla business. That is a very good indication that your business will prosper in your area.

Sources and Packaging

In starting a tortilla business, you should be able to locate the sources of the ingredients you need to make your tortillas. There are wholesalers out there who are available to sell ingredients that you need. All you have to do is to locate the right wholesaler who will offer a lower price of wholesale ingredients. In this type of business, you will also need to package the tortillas you will be selling in the market. The secret in buying the packaging materials is to buy it in bulk. That would make the materials much cheaper than buying them per piece. You can buy the plain ones or those which has designs. It’s your call. You will be the one who should know how to dress your product to make it sellable.

Other Important Things

In this business, it is important that you have those professional tortilla presses to enable you to make tortillas more quickly. It is would take you long hours of making them by hand. You should also approach the restaurants which are interested of buying your tortillas. Bring them some sample and have them taste your tortillas. Also you should advertise your business through the internet, newspapers and other means of advertisement to be able to inform the public that your business is now open.


  • vishal bhavasar said on December 31, 2014
    Hi my name is brijesh inamdar from ahmedabad , india. we r running a business but want to start on other. We want product and sale namkeens in gujarati food packing material like balaji, real namkins etc. So i just want to know how and what is legal procedure i should go through and what license and documents and other physical and basic need i should have . pl make me know on my email
  • MANOJ PATEL said on April 22, 2015
    Hi My name is manoj patel from bhuj-kutch gujrat. I want to starting food namkeen business. we want product and sale namkeens in gujrati food packing materials like balaji, samrat namkeen etc. So i just want to know how and what is legal procedure. I should go through and what license and documents and other physical and basic need i should have. Please make me know on my email


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