How to Start a Stylist Business

There are several stylists who graduated from universities and colleges together with their bachelor’s or associates degrees majoring in fashion styling, design, and other related field of fashion. However, there are those who have not achieved these degrees and yet they became popular stylist.

Thus, if you have the capability to work by yourself and if you possess the skills of making someone look stylish, with or without any degrees achieved, you are right for this kind of job.

Having a stylist business is actually not that hard to achieve. What is difficult is making it into the fashion world and be successful. Hence, you must be armed with all the possible knowledge and ways on how to start establishing such business and making it popular in the fashion world. The following are the tips to make your dream of a stylist business a huge success.

Ways to Start your Stylist Business

First, you will have to determine the type of your styling, what kind you will concentrate on. There are many choices that are available for you like celebrity styling, television and print styling, as well as celebrity styling. If you can, you may work with all of these choices. Since stylist business have a tendency of being competitive, it is more practical for you to have a full time branch. You might also want to consider public relations as well as fashion editorials in order for your ends to meet. So be ready for multitasking.


You must power up your fashion knowledge. This is a must of if you are to become a stylist. A rich coursework balance as well as real life experience will also be a great help to you. Additionally, you can try shadowing in your styling as an assistant. It is will benefit you a lot because you can pick tricks and tips just by observing someone’s work. You can acquire future contacts to your business as well.

Prepare your Niche

You can then prepare your own style concentration or niche once you have acquired the needed and proper experience of the field. As Patricia Field quoted to Rachel Zoe, “Every stylist worth his salt can whip up looks that make him stand out in the crowd”. Hence, you must follow your strength, what you think you can be best in.

The next thing for you to do after doing all the mentioned stuff in the preceding paragraphs, you can now develop your own portfolio. Then, study an agency representation. Sign only with those with reputable agency. And lastly, always answer the job advertisements as well as the cold calls which some companies do, this way you can represent the areas of your interest.


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