How to Start a Staffing Company

Running a staffing company involves communicating with two parties; the company who needs staff and the applicants who want to be staff of a certain company.

Doing the business efficiently and effectively may bring you and your business to success.

In order for you to start a staffing company successfully, you must conduct a research. A research on the current market or industry is needed because you should be aware of the trends present in the business. If you see a particular process in the system effective, it may be worth adapting.

In starting your own business, you have two options. It is either you put up a business on your own or purchasing a franchise. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, it is up to you to weigh things out and decide which option is right for you. The advantage of putting up a business on your own is that you do not need to pay for royalty fee (this is the percentage of your total profit that is given to the franchise company). But you may experience hassle in doing all the paper works, which is, by the way, can be avoided in purchasing a franchise. The main advantage in purchasing a franchise is that you do not need to create or devise a business plan because the franchise company will provide you with this.

Consider the sectors you want to focus on. There are several sectors that divide the staffing service industry namely clerical and office, industrial, and professional or technical.

The jobs in clerical and office sector are secretaries, general office clerks, administration assistants, receptionists, and the like.

Jobs such as manual laborers, food handlers, assemblers, drivers, tradesmen, and maintenance workers are examples of the jobs available in the industrial sector of the staffing industry.

The professional and technical sector of the staffing service industry covers the widest range of jobs such as teachers, doctors or physicians, nurses, engineers, architects, accountants, bookkeepers, medical technicians, attorneys, and managers.

In running a staffing company, it is very important that you establish a rapport with different companies which might need your staffing service in the future. It is also recommended that you search for people or employees continuously because you will never know when your clients will need staff.

Another important factor which may affect your business plan is your budget. Your budget will play a big role in putting up a staffing company in the sense that you cannot start a business without investing capital. In case that your budget is not enough for you to be able to start your business, don’t worry because there are several institutions which can help you fund your business. The Small Businesses Association may provide you the funding or financing assistance that you need. Another way to gain enough money is to borrow from financial institutions such as banks and lending firms.


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